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4 Ways Technology Can Improve Your Vape


In a hyperconnected world, technology can enhance almost every aspect of our lives. As a modern phenomenon that has only risen to popularity over the last few years, electronic cigarettes not only harness technology for a smokeless alternative to tobacco, but increasingly in other ways too.

Tech-savvy vapers can take advantage of a growing number of inventions and advancements that can improve the performance of your e-cigarettes. Let’s take a look at 4 developments that are worth a mention in the vaping world, for anyone wanting to get more from their e-cig.

1. Bluetooth Functionality

Want to know exactly how much battery life you’ve got left, or how many puffs you’ve taken throughout the day? Invest in a Bluetooth battery andtake control of your e-cigarette, by using Bluetooth technology to connect your device with your smartphone or tablet. For anyone wanting to cut down their nicotine habit or save money through vaping, you can even set up a vape plan that will help you limit your usage with minimum effort and maximum results.

2. USB Charger

Keeping your electronic cigarette battery topped up is a priority for any vaper, but carrying a charger around during the day is impractical. Plus it’s one extra thing to remember when you’re rushing out in a morning. Instead, buy a USB charger to store in your handbag or pocket. That way, if you’re running low at lunchtime, you can simply slot into your computer, car or USB plug to give your device a boost.

3. E-Cigarette Apps

Apps have shaken up the way in which we use our smartphones and tablets, allowing us to do everything from banking to online shopping. Whether you want to get involved in vaping forums or delve into the usage of your e-cigarette, you’ll find an app for almost every possible topic related to electronic cigarettes on Google Play and the iTunes Store.

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4. Electric Hookah

E-cigs have been popular for individual use for several years now, but it’s only recently that the hookah has gone digital. Vaporisers have been scaled up to put a modern twist on the timeless shisha, allowing fans of the hookah to share their vaping experience, complete with a smart touch screen and a range of e-liquids to explore. A great alternative to the shisha for a party or gathering, it’s the perfect gift for tech-loving vapers who want to socialise with fellow e-cigarette users.

As premium e-cigarettes become increasingly sophisticated, it seems that there is no end in sight for the possibilities of these devices. Refinements and advancements in technology push the boundaries of what is possible with electronic cigarettes, to provide an ever more exciting experience for vapers in the UK and beyond.

Have you got any great vaping gadgets that you would like to tell us about? Let us know all about it. If you have tried any of the above and have a review or information to help others, tell us about that too.

This article is written by Kelly Gilmour Grassam, a freelance copywriter from Yorkshire. You can follow her on Twitter at @KellygGrassam. This article has been written with helpful information from Prestige Vaping.

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