Learning Language Of E-Cigs And Working On Its Maintenance

If you just started vaping, then you will come across a whole different and new language, coming along with the activity. To help understand some of those common terms, it is mandatory to visit some websites and go through the shirt glossary to make sure that whenever it is associated with e cigs, you know what they are actually talking about.

Going From the Analog to Dry Cleaning: 

Whenever you started vaping, you might overhear vapers talking more about smoking the analogue cigarettes. It is mainly referring to the tobacco cigs as e cigs are mostly considered to be the digital option over here. But, there are some more things for you to learn in this regard. Let’s just dive right into those points now without wasting any money. Right from small vape to the atomizer, you have so many things to learn about.

  • Atty or the atomizer mainly refers to heating element in e-cigarettes that might vaporize the e-liquid and also create the vapor that you are planning to inhale.
  • The cartomizer of the e-cigarettes is something that you might get to hear a lot. This cartridge is mainly the combination of e-liquid reservoir and the atomizer for facilitating vaping whenever it is heated by up the coil. This coil is the heating element of this atomizer.
  • While vaping, you might experience what is often called dry hit. It is mainly talking about working on a draw without producing any vapor. This method is not quite same like the dry burn, which is then referred to method, used for cleaning the atomizers for the sake of extending life span more.


Checking From E-liquids to Wicks:

E-liquid is mainly the fluid, which is used in the e cigs for creating a vapor. E-juice is another name of it that you will often come in close contact with. But, that’s not all as there are so much more for you to learn and understand over here.

  • Have you heard vapers talking about mods? You might have and this mainly refers to device, which can be modified in any one way or another. The main reason is to either attempt to get enhanced performance or just for the sake of aesthetic value.
  • Whenever someone is talking about Nic, they are not quite referring to person. It is mainly the abbreviated form of nicotine or the nicotine content. The milligram amount of this nic in e-cigarettes might affect the strength of draw and is also a major part of this vaping.
  • You have VG and PG as some of the important terms. These points are used for referring to composition of the e-liquid and also affecting the vaping experience to a great extent. PG primarily stands for propylene glycol and it is produced synthetically. Then you have VG, which primarily stands for vegetable glycerin. It is a natural substance as you can tell from the name.
  • The tank of your selected e-cigarettes will be the one acting as reservoir for the e-liquids. Whenever you enjoy throat hit from device, it solely depends on the kind of e-liquid that you have selected for this task. Then you have the wick of the e-cigs, which is a major component of this mechanism. It is used for soaking up the liquid and then making this journey of vaping possible on the other hand.

Once you have handled the basic glossary of terms related to vaping, you will come to learn more about these amazing devices and the ways these options are going to work too.

Get to Maintain the E-cigarettes:
As with all the other things, your e-cigarettes need to be maintained well, just to make it last long and perform at its best for extended time. If you failed to take proficient care of the e-cigarettes, then it might break, or just become faulty. It can even burn out, making maintenance quite a difficult task in the device’s longevity for sure. So, to keep your e-cigarettes at the top-most conditions, there are some simple tricks and tips for you to follow. It ensures that the vaping experience always remains to be of the top level.

  • Always keep it clean: Keeping the e-cigarettes clean will ensure that it last longer than before. You have to clean the interior of the cig from dirt dust and debris from daily build up. For that, you can use a warm cloth for cleaning the device and quickly wipe down every week. Just never submerge the device in water as it is completely electrical. If you fail to enjoy satisfying draw, it might be because of clogging. Therefore, it is mandatory to make sure the bodies of the e-cigarettes are clean and also free from residue.
  • Do not forget to change battery: By just keeping battery charged, you will always have the optimum vaping experience of all time. Sharp and short bursts of charge are not always a good idea. So, you have to maintain maximum change whenever you want to.
  • Avoid burning it out: If you are actually nearing end of e-liquid, ensure that you don’t vape way too much and just dry the tank entirely. It might lead to that burnt taste and in some cases it can damage the device permanently. So, you have to keep tabs on levels of e liquid and ensure that you never run dry.
  • Going for the replacement parts: Remember that even the best of all e-cigarettes brands won’t last forever. The main beauty of these e-cigs is that you can actually switch out components whenever you need it. Cartridges, batteries and even your atomizers can well be replaced whenever you feel that the items are not functioning any longer.

Have to Protect E cigs:
Your e-cigarettes are not quite vulnerable, even though they are mostly designed to be robust and must always be taken complete care of. If you can, make sure to purchase a case of keep the item protected in bag. You should avoid dropping it or just sitting on it. Avoid causing such careless errors.

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