Top 10 CBD Vape Pens

Cannabidiol is also known as CBD. It is a compound that comes from the cannabis plant (cannabis Sativa) and it has many health and wellness benefits and has become an increasingly popular product. It is on the rise for many CBD first time or experienced users. There are several ways to consume CBD into your daily diet these include, vaping, edibles, CBD oil, capsules, and dab. CBD comes in various flavours to pick and choose from. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound, so it does not cause any high. Vaping CBD is probably one of the most effective ways to consume CBD into the body. CBD vaping pens are convenient, easy to use, portable, small to carry, and are affordable to buy online or in a store. A vape pen gives the consumer the dose that they would like in an effective and discreet manner. So, let’s look at the top 10 CBD vape pens.

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CBD Life UK is the leading suppliers for CBD oil products online and in the UK. Their products are all-natural hemp oils and high-quality CBD, you won’t find better anywhere else. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound, so it does not cause a high. They stock a wide range of CBD vape pens from 10% e pen 100mg CBD, 40% pure pen 200mg CBD, and a range of cartridges to fit your pen. When you vape CBD into the body, your body will use more cannabinoids due to the higher availability with this form of ingestion. The CBD extract is broken down into the bloodstream when vaping which means it will absorb a lot quicker and have the quickest effects on the body. There are different flavours and strengths available to choose from and they come in a convenient and easy to use carry case.

Ireland CBD

Ireland CBD is dedicated to bringing all CBD consumers the highest quality CBD products on the market. You can shop a wide range of products including edibles, drinks, and Cannabidiols oils. Their vaping range includes CBD drip gold, CBD drip onyx, and CBD drip platinum. They also offer a wide range of vaping liquid to fill your vaping pen with. These include mango Kush CBD vape juice, super lemon haze mint flavour, pink lemonade, New York diesel, and exodus cheese.


If you are looking for effective, lab tested, and safe CBD vape pens, then look no further than CBD FX. The products are ultra-pure CBD oil that is never mixed with any additives and cheap fillers. CBD FX offers a wide selection of CBD vape pens in various flavours some of these include mint, raspberry, strawberry lemonade, tropic breeze, honeydew ice, and many more. They also offer build your own CBD pens bundles 3 packs. The pens come with eye catching packaging, neatly filled, and very delicious tastes. Vaping pens are portable, easy to use, and discreet to fit into your pocket or handbag. CBD offers many different wellness and health benefits for many users.

Pure Kana

Pure Kana is the industry leaders bringing high quality and exceptional cannabidiols products to the online market. They source only the best CBD oils and hemp derived products on the market. CBD products come in a range of different forms including capsules, vaping, edibles, and topicals. The CBD vape pens come in a few different flavours these include mint, watermelon, blue Raz, and blood orange. All pens you can consume 200mg of CBD per unit and the pens are affordable, effective, functional, and delicious.

Pure CBD Vapors

If you are seeking quality produced, delicious flavours, and trusted CBD oils in the US, then look no further than pure CBD vapors. All products are tested in labs for CBD purity and to meet all standards. Pure CBD vapors stock a wide selection of vaping pens including the kind pen pure, the kind pure vape battery, and many more. Choose from various vape oil for your pen and different strengths these include peach Kush, purple haze, strawberry bliss, and many more. Choose from various strengths these include 25mg, 50mg, and 1,000mg.

Cbd Oil

Meet harmony

Harmony takes a science-based approach to wellness and CBD that tested and created to make your life healthier and simpler. They produce and design the most efficient and highest quality products at very affordable prices. Meet harmony offer 3 different CBD vape e liquids, CBD classics, pure base, and cannabis originals. Check out their range of e liquids range which includes pink lemonade, pineapple express, New York diesel, wild strawberry, and many more. CBD vaping is the most effective way of consuming CBD into your diet.

Social CBD

Social CBD is both a movement and a family. Spreading meaningful human connections from time to time. Social CBD products are third party tested and quality controlled, 100% plant based Phyto nutrient rich, satisfaction guaranteed, and pure. Choose from a wide range of hemp derived extract vape pens with the rewards of essential oils. All pens are prefilled for ideal vaporisation of CBD. There are 3 types available these include focus, relax, and revive. Focus flavours include spearmint and peppermint. Relax flavours include cinnamon and lavender. Revive flavours include lemon and grapefruit. The pens are airtight and tamper resistant to keep leaks away. Shop other products online which are topicals, capsules, gummies, and drops. They also supply CBD oils for your pets. Order online with social CBD today.


Vaporfi is the leading online company serving the ever growing and popular vaping community. Get access to the highest quality vaping products and CBD products online. Vaping CBD is the most popular way of consuming CBD into your diet, it is convenient, easy to use, and portable. Vaporfis collection of vape pens are convenient and simple and offer the best CBD vaping experience around. Their pen collection includes azure, terra, Sedona, rhea, and many more. Choose from various flavours from honeydew ice, melon, sour diesel, kush, and many more. Order online today for the top CBD vaping pens online.

Flawless CBD

Flawless CBD is one of the market leading companies in the UK for Cannabidiol products and Oils online. They stock a wide range of products from CBD vape oil, gummies, oil, balm, vape pens, and capsules. All products have been tried and tested in labs for purity and quality. The main aim is to bring the consumers and CBD users with the highest quality, pure, and affordable products. Flawless CBD brings some of the top brands for CBD from Ignite, CBD+FX, fly CBD, blue moon, and CBD distillery. Choose from a range of different flavours something to suit everyone’s needs.

Just CBD store

Just CBD store are the future of CBD products. With many years of experience in the cannabis and CBD oil industry. Just CBD are the leading for honesty, affordability, and quality products. The company offers various vaping pens with various flavours these include vape pen black, gold, light blue, silver, slate, rose gold, red, and stainless steel. The pens are available in different sizes, colours, and flavours. Check out all products online. CBD pens are easy to use, convenient, and portable to carry around in your handbag or pocket. World class quality products with guaranteed results.

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