Medicare Advantage Vs Medigap: The Pros and Cons of Each

By the year 2018, there were 57 million people insured by Medicare. If Medicare insures you, you know that Medicare’s primary health plan is not sufficient in most situations. That is why most people look for a better coverage plan from Medicare.

The two available are Medicare Advantage and Medigap. But which one to choose? Both have adequate coverage, but unfortunately, you can only choose one. Today we will look at Medicare Advantage vs Medigap insurance and see which one best fits your health needs.


Medicare Advantage Plans vs Medigap

Medicare Advantage is a supplemental plan covering the basics of Medicare. The difference is you can add specific coverage plans that fit your needs. There are ten different plans you can mix and match.


You can custom tailor what you want in your coverage. Many times you are paying for things you don’t need or even use, so with Medicare Advantage, you can pick out the plans that best fit your needs. For example, a popular bundle is called “Plan C” (Combines inpatient care, outpatient services, and prescription drug benefits).

You can also use Medicare Advantage throughout the whole state where you live. Since you can tailor your coverage, it means you will end up paying less monthly, which is a big plus!


A downside of custom-tailored insurance plans is that if something were to happen to you that is not covered by it, you would have to pay its entirety. Usually, Medicare Advantage coverage is limited in the state you reside in, so if you frequently travel outside of your state, your coverage would be useless.

Medigap vs Medicare Advantage Plans

Medigap fills in the gaps where Medicare doesn’t. It is somewhat similar to Medicare Advantage letter plans, but it offers a broader coverage scope.



You can use Medigap throughout all 50 states, and some Medigap plans even allow for international coverage. Medigap also offers a more flexible selection of physicians or facilities than Medicare Advantage. The big take with Medigap is the few to no out-of-pocket costs.

Medigap is worth the extra premium cost if you travel a lot, but be sure to check with the coverage plan as some may not include this coverage.


Despite its few to no out-of-pocket costs, Medigap has a lot higher premiums. Another downside is that you still need to pay for the Medicare premium on top of the Medigap one. And finally, Medigap does not provide any prescription drug plan benefits.

There are licensed sales agents that can better explain the Medicare Advantage plan vs Medigap plan. On MedicareWire, you can find these agents that will help with all your Medicare needs. Don’t hesitate to ask for help since you don’t want to run the risk of not being fully covered.

Medicare Advantage vs Medigap – Which One Will You Choose?

When thinking about Medicare Advantage vs Medigap, it all comes down to price, coverage, and how often you travel. Research thoroughly each plan and what it covers, utilize insurance agencies to help you decide the best choice for you.

If you found this article informative, be sure to check out our other medical articles that will help you choose the best insurance for your health.

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