Pre-Pregnancy Checklist :Every Parents Needs to Know

When you decide to opt for a child, the very first thought is to plan a physical intercourse to make it happen. However, have you ever realized if your body is all set to carry and maintain the delicate fetus for a complete period of 9 months? Therefore, in order to ensure that both your mind and body are giving a positive nod and that you are physically stable and stout for possessing your small wonder, you need to have a tick on certain factors that help in determining your pre-pregnancy stage.


At first, you must visit a doctor and avail a pre-pregnancy consultation, through which you will be assessed on the following health parameters:

  • Presence of any illness: Your doctor will check if you’re suffering from any kind of disease, be it anything like anemia, diabetes or hypertension and hyperthyroidism. According to the level of your sickness, your doctor will assess your present health condition and finally give recommendations about looking forward to pregnancy. 
  • Consumption of medicine consumption: In case you are consuming medicines for a consistent period of time, you need to show your medical reports and the cause behind the consumption. Any kind of health disorders including heart problems, dental issues, mental ailments and skin problems must be reported to doctor, during consultation. 
  • Using contraception/birth control pill: If you are on contraceptives, doctor will inquire about the time span throughout which you have been on it. Accordingly, you will be suggested a tentative time frame around when your body is more likely to resume its ovulation process. Normally, doctors assume two to six weeks for ovulation to go back to its normal cycle. 
  • Body weight: Doctor will also check if you are at your optimum weight for conception since both overweight and underweight can pose threat and bring difficulties in your pregnancy. It will also have adverse effect on your chances of conceiving. At this stage, you must have a BMI ranging between 18 and 23. 
  • Age: Having the right age while getting pregnant, is very crucial. Older ages involve more complicacies and therefore older women often find it more difficult to conceive since fertility levels start declining. There can also be instances of gestational diabetes and chromosomal disorders. Gestational diabetes involves higher risks of harming the baby. 
  • Blood sugar/Urinary tract infections: If you are suffering from urinary tract infection or excess blood sugar, doctor might give you special recommendations. Each of these health problems has the ability to disrupt natural functioning and processes of body thereby posing complications during pregnancy period.

Apart from these checkups, doctor will also assess your overall medical history of previous pregnancies or miscarriages, medical history of your family, your lifestyle and frequency of intercourse. This will be indicative of the presence of genetically transmitted disease within family generations or sexually transmitted disease (STD), both, if any. After the entire medical consulting is completed, doctor will frame an overview about your pre-pregnancy stage and will give further recommendations for having a better and safe pregnancy.

A healthy and safe pregnancy happens through active involvement of both mother and father. Where, as a mother, you go for pre-pregnancy consultations and take proper precautions, however, your better-half must take an equal stand in preparing as a responsible would-be father in the near future. And, to do so, he must take care of following things:

Understand the situation: Starting from pre-pregnancy facts to pregnancy phase and going further to understand the development of fetus into a new born, he must do good research and develop proficient knowledge about all that takes for a woman to be pregnant, maintain good health during pregnancy and give birth to a little being. While you feel tired and have mood swings, or tend to vomit on certain tastes and smells, he must be by your side and understand your situation, all throughout your journey. With his presence, you must feel more energized and gain more support and confidence.

You both have to bear pregnancy together. Both of you must plan the entire pregnancy phase and makes necessary arrangements for your future child.

 Preparing for banking stem cells of the baby:

While you both are taking good steps and measures towards a healthy and happy off-spring, the best thing that you can do, is to secure your child by preserving stem cells. It will also be beneficial in the following ways:

  • Stem Cells preservation will help in curing incurable genetic condition in your child’s future.
  • Blood cells from the umbilical cord have the potential to treat as much as 80 serious disease, treat including all types of cancers and eliminate blood-related and immune-deficiency disorders
  • Stem cells ensure good health and overall well being of your lovely child, at any age.
  • These cells are equally purposeful for baby’s siblings and close relatives, those within blood relation and immediate family.

There are private stem cell banks that store cord blood cells and stem cells and effectively preserves them for lifetime. These banks store cord blood stem cell units for 21 years, against an annual fee. With state-of-the-art facilities and organic equipment, the stem cells are best preserved in the banks. However, before choosing any stem cell bank, you must make a visit, see its infrastructure and facilities and go through its agreement, before investing. You also need to authorize a physician to collect cord blood, soon after birth of your child. In future when you might require the cells, you can retrieve it with a written authorization from the concerned doctor.

Planning after-birth responsibilities:

Your pre-pregnancy preparations won’t end right after deciding to preserve the stem cells. With new life, comes newer responsibilities and from this phase, it is better to have good idea about ways of dealing with new-born. This is indeed the best time to prepare yourselves, plan and chalk out things and share responsibilities. With both of your combined effort, the new life will feel more comfortable, safe and happy. Therefore, it’s best to get into advanced planning and take slow but steady steps towards pregnancy.

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