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PVC Wall Cladding Sheets Benefits for Businesses

In current residential and business markets, health and safety is a key concern for property and company owners. Maintaining hygiene standards can be a tedious task and it is important to stay fully compliant with the health and safety standards in the workplace. Choosing a material that keeps your interiors clean and aesthetically pleasing is just what your premises needs. Hygiene PVC wall cladding is ideal for any restaurant or business as it is low maintenance, cost effective, and very easy to clean. Here are some of the benefits of PVC wall cladding sheets for your business.

Wall cladding

Wall cladding is manufactured as a sheet material and is easily applied to a wall surface with cladding adhesives. As it is large, it can cover large areas of a workplace and doesn’t require any grout as the individual tiling would need. Less effort, less time, and the same great finish once it is installed. PVC is a popular material and product used in businesses due to its cost effectiveness, low maintenance, and easy to clean properties. It is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms as it can be easily wiped down of any spills or spatters and it is also resistant from water. Spills and stains over time can leave long lasting marks that would require a lot of tough cleaning whereas wall cladding only needs to be wiped over.

Easy to install

PVC wall cladding sheets are easy to install. The sheets can be cut to size and are the ideal DIY solution. They take a lot less time to install. As it is lightweight and user friendly it is way easier for technicians to put in place. You can save both money and time rather than other alternatives. They can be installed horizontally or vertically, as you need.

Durable and lightweight

It is manufactured with very strong and lightweight material. It requires little maintenance and is a very durable product.

Water Resistant

PVC wall cladding is popular in bathrooms and kitchens as it is mildew resistant and water repellent. PVC is water resistant so a lot of businesses would use them for this main benefit.

Versatile Product

PVC wall cladding is ideal for all working industries including hospitals, houses, kitchens, restaurants, and more. The possibilities are endless hygienic wall panels, decorative wall panels, and more.

Cost Effective

PVC wall cladding is a cost-effective product compared to other alternative items such as movable walls. you can save a lot of money in your business by installing these. They are budget friendly and a lot easier on the price as well as the cost per square metre.


PVC cladding insulates your room both sound and heat helping you maintain the ideal temperature and will help increase the efficiency of your room heaters and air conditioners.


PVC is 100% recyclable. Made from a recyclable material that is ideal for any business.


Wall cladding sheets provide a hygienic and very clean solution for wall decoration. PVC prevents bacteria growth and is mildew resistant. Once installed there is no need for grout.

1. Importance of hygiene in a business

Hygiene is a crucial and important part of life. Every business and workplace must have a health and safety policy. Maintaining proper hygiene in your business is very important for the good of your reputation. Poor hygiene in the workplace can lead to many different issues such as increased sickness, high staff turnover, and even accidents such as trips and slips. Hygiene in a business is just as important as your safety and health plan.


Healthier Employees

An unclean business and working environment can increase absenteeism costing your business money and time if your staff are out sick and unable to work. You can prevent this by having your business clean and free from bacteria and germs.

Boost Employee Morale

When your business and working environment is clean and organised this will boost your staff morale and encourage them to keep things organised and tidy also. When your employees are happy, engagement and productivity levels will rise.

Reduce Injuries

If you clean your business regularly, the risk of an accident and an employee becoming injured will greatly reduce. Dirty floors, boxes, and an unkempt business increase your chances of an accident occurring. To prevent any slips or falls, all floors should be free from dust, grime, or dirt, and you could also place a mat in any area that they would be needed or where an accident might occur.

Prevents the Spread of Viruses and Bacteria

Ensuring that your business adheres to the basic hygiene standards will help prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria which can be a common breathing ground in kitchens, bathrooms, and unclean working environments. Sanitise and clean your working area regularly to keep it free from germs and bacteria.

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