Satellite Phones: All you Need to Know

Satellite phone have been around for many years now, these phones are indispensable during emergencies & in remote areas where normal cellular phones do not functional properly. Natural calamities or any form of regional crisis can disrupt terrestrial communication network at point in time—crippling the communication important links like police, fire, and medical organizations. Or for that matter network congestion may also result in the disruption. This is when satellite phones play a crucial role to maintain the continuous flow of communication. In this write up you will read about various benefits of satellite phone and how to choose best among numerous satellite phone service providers.

Satellite Phones

Benefits of Satellite Phones

Seamless Communication

Satellite phones are highly beneficial for emergency workers, sailors, and travelers in remote region. Satellite phones are just like cellular phones except that they depend on the orbiting satellites for communication, rather than land-based towers.

Latest satellite phones are compact and are easy to carry during emergency operations. Many terrestrial networks offer limited or no coverage in the polar region or the remotest of regions, but a satellite can be of tremendous help in such areas.

Unaffected By Natural Disasters

Natural disasters like typhoons, tornadoes, tsunami and flood can destroy phone towers and land based phone lines but a satellite network is not hindered by such calamities and therefore enables rescue and relief workers in such areas to carry out effective communication.

Single Number

World travelers including those who have to visit the remote areas can use a satellite phone to keep in touch with their families and dear ones without having to change cell phone number for each destination they visit. Satellite phone comes with single number that can used at any part of the world.

With the widespread usage of satellite phones, many cellular phone provider are providing phones with such facilities, but a satellite phone can be used even without a wired or wireless internet connection.

Easy To Connect

Satellite phones are easy to connect all you need to do is find a place with fewer obstructions, so that the satellite recognizes your phone as quickly as possible.


Satellite phones offer reliable connectivity than any terrestrial or other cellular phones, as they are independent of any land based tower or hard wire line.

Traditional satellite phones were common among government personnel and public safety agencies, energy companies, shippers, and search and rescue organizations. But today, even the private individuals are buying to back up their communication in order to maintain a seamless flow of communication with the world even under crisis.

While you have never thought of buying a satellite phone but looking at their benefits it is likely that you must have at least started contemplating about buying one of them.

How to Buy a Satellite Phone

If you are planning to buy a satellite phone, expect to spend somewhere between $600 and $1700, depending on the network. Satellite phone are usually light in weight and compact in size. When selecting a sat phone consider the following factors:

–        Cost of the phone

–        Ease of use

–        Network coverage: regional or global

–        Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities

–        Compliance with the military guidelines

–        Data capabilities such as texting, emailing and messaging

Satellite Phones vs Cellular Phones

What You Need To Know

There are only two main global and reliable networks available for satellite phones: Inmarsat, global star, Thuraya and Iridium.

How to Find A Reliable Satellite Phone Service Provider

It is always advisable to buy a satellite phone from a reliable provider. Buying a phone from a trustworthy name in the industry ensures you the quality and the reliability of the product. Refer to the testimonials posted on the website of the provider, this will give you a fair idea about their credibility and help you narrow down your options. Last but not the least, choosing the right provider is solely your decision.

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