SEO Link Building Strategies For Higher Online Rankings

Search engine optimization strategies are developed and modified year after year. It is more difficult than ever before to achieve and maintain higher rankings. SEO techniques may change from time to time, but the use of backlinks has been a tried-and-true way of getting higher rankings regardless. Of course, the backlinks that you receive need to come from high ranking websites or those that are similar to your own. This shows the search engine algorithms that they are not just random links. When you are able to do this properly, you can achieve very high rankings for any website that you built. Here are a few proven strategies for doing SEO link building correctly that can get you to higher positions on the web.


What Is Link Building?

Link building is simply the process of getting a backlink from a website that is not your own. This could be from a blog, HTML website, or even a link back from a social media platform. Each of these will have a different weight in regard to helpfulness. For instance, an in-content link from a blog that is similar to your website is going to be very powerful. It’s even better if the page rank of that blog, or domain authority, is extremely high which can be very helpful. Some people will pay for backlinks whereas others will request them from websites manually. There are also services where you can exchange links with other website owners. The key is to get links back from websites that are in the same niche that have a very high page authority ranking.

Understanding Domain Authority And Page Authority

Domain authority refers to the quality of the backlinks that a website domain has pointing to it. Page authority references the number of quality backlinks that are pointing to a specific page on that website. Your objective is to get a link back from a website that has a high page authority and domain authority if possible. It is preferable if it is in the same niche. The more of these that you have, the higher your website will rank, helping you to outclass your competitors on the search engines.

Link Building Strategies To Avoid

Before discussing the best strategies to use, it should be noted what strategies should be avoided. These are referenced as black hat link building strategies. In the world of SEO, this is often in reference to brand-new websites that suddenly have thousands of links pointing back to their website from arbitrary domains. It’s even worse when those domains have nothing to do with the topics on your website. These techniques can literally get your domain banned from the search engine listings. Therefore, the strategies that are going to be presented are completely white-hat, and will be helpful toward helping you achieve top rankings.

The Best SEO Link Building Strategies

The first backlinking strategy that most webmasters use is to get links from similar websites. For example, if you are marketing camping gear, you will want to have links coming back from a website dedicated to posting information about camping. The second strategy is to create websites of your own that are in similar niches. You can cross-link your websites, and as long as they are on different servers, with different IP addresses, this can actually help boost the positioning of your website. Finally, you may want to create a social media page and begin to post links to your content. If it is good enough, people will share these links and you will benefit from not only more traffic but the potential of increased positioning on the web.

Why Anchor Text Is So Important

Anchor text is in reference to the text that is used when building a link. In the past, people would simply use the keyword phrase they were trying to rank for. However, the search engine algorithms can detect if you are building multiple links rapidly by simply identifying links that use the same anchor text pointing to the same website. Therefore, changing up your anchor text is very important. You may want to use simple phrases, individual words, or your entire URL from time to time. By changing this, yet pointing to the same website, this can help your website rankings improve.

Why Consistency Is So Important With Link Building Strategies

If you were not trying to build links, from a regular perspective, backlinks are produced more gradually. Thinking from the perspective of the search engine algorithms, they are looking for something that appears natural and not manufactured. For example, if a person were to share a link with a few friends, over the course of several days, new links would appear pointing back to that article on a website. This is the same type of strategy you will want to use when building backlinks for success.


How To Properly Implement SEO Link Building Strategies

To do this properly, you need a system for creating the links that are going to be consistent. That system should also account for variables in the link building. This means that you should not get five links every day for a solid 10 week period. You should have a spreadsheet that can show you what links you have and which ones you have requested. You should also document links that have been posted, where they are located, and on what date they were acquired. By keeping track of your activities, you can monitor how natural this link building appears to be. The best evidence that you are moving forward properly is that you will see your website, and its pages, gradually moving up the search engine rankings.

These simple strategies for using link building to achieve higher rankings will continue to work. They simply emulate the natural link building process. It is important to avoid any black hat tactics such as generating thousands of backlinks to one particular page with one type of anchor text. Variability is everything, but so is consistency, which can be monitored using a spreadsheet. By implementing these SEO link building strategies, you should have no problem ranking your website above your competitors.

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