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Factors that Hamper Your Link Building

For successful link building, it is important for you to stay away from relying on automated placement or shady tactics. You have to put in concerted efforts for building links naturally. You could opt for smart link building via guest posting or may be co-op opportunities but your main intention should be to acquire links in a natural manner. You must have heard that content is supposed to be the King and if your content is excellent, you would never have to worry about link building as everyone would be interested in linking to you.

However, just like many other marketers you have found out that excellent content is not always good enough and that you are actually earning links only occasionally and then also, those links are not really authoritative. This certainly implies that your SEO growth is being hampered and is stumbling down. You would be requiring better results if you wish to carry on. You need to find out why your link building is being hampered and you are not able to earn enough links. Here are some common reasons why.


Content Not Up to the Mark

Your content does not seem to be good enough to attract links. You must never forget that your content has to be 100 percent original, concise, detailed, well-researched, surprising and entertaining too. That is surely not a very easy feat to achieve even for experienced campaigners.

A smart content marketer would be using content that is relevant to the precise target audience. He would certainly consider factors such as the competitive environment where the content is being distributed and he would also, keep in mind the timing or when the content is being published.

Your ultimate objective is to come up with valuable content which is relevant to your target audience. If you are able to deliver the right content to the correct audience at the perfect time, you would be successfully attracting links. Hire a professional SEO Utah for prompt and perfect services.

Content Not Linkable

Another major issue that could be hampering successful link building is the fact that the content may not be linkable. Suppose you have posted a really good content after doing ample research and you have offered something original and useful in which your target audience seems to be pretty interested yet, you are not getting enough links. Why so?

You also, seem to be getting plenty of comments and shares, but not enough links. Why? The answer is simple. Your content is just not linkable. People are used to linking to things that are good for generating completely innovative ideas, offering concrete statistics or having any piece of media which they are aspiring to use on their very own site. If you are failing to offer any of these things, people would love what they have been reading but they would not think of linking to you.

Lack of Syndication

You are just not syndicating your own content. As an online marketing company, you simply cannot be misled by the fact that a good content really is enough to attract links all by itself. You may believe that if you can create an original content, you may do nothing else and yet you would end up generating links. However, you must realize that in reality that would never happen until and unless you seem to already have a raving audience.

It is agreed that all your interested followers should do a lot of sharing and distributing on your behalf, but you too need to consider giving them a jumpstart. You must publish content on your very own social media channels and keep syndicating it. Keep pushing your material as far and as much as possible.

Inadequate Link Building

While link building is mostly associated with bad practices and spam, modern link-building, if well implemented, offers the content creator to direct the users towards interesting or valuable offsite content from the page itself. Provided the content is good, the manual link you have built will immediately start getting popular. It also will help to tap into external publication channels, and you’re guaranteed increased inbound links and widened reach so you can attract more visitors than ever before.

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Jonathan Kendall is a professional SEO analyst and advisor, and the head of an SEO Utah company. He has spearheaded several campaigns to get websites and blogs up and running, and is an active blogger himself, posting all about tips, tricks, trends, and updates.

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