8 List Building Tips For Bloggers

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Why is it so important for you to build your email list? Simple. It helps you maintain customer engagement. And if you want to make money, building a relationship with your customer is essential. So, what are the tried and tested ways to help you build your mailing list further?

1. Offer Something for Free

A foolproof way to get people to sign up to your mailing list is to offer something for free like maybe a free eBook. Your freebie should be something of value; why else would they sign up? There’s no doubt that people like free stuff, but they like free stuff that are actually useful.

Your free item should be something that your visitor don’t want to miss or can’t resist. Show them that signing up is worth their time and if they believe so, you’d rack up your mailing list in no time.

2. Simple Forms

One huge turn-off when subscribing to a mailing list is a complex form, one with too much form fields. Keep it simple because people don’t want to sign lengthy opt-in forms (unless you really need the info for your business). Also, keeping the form simple will get your more opt-ins in less time. It’s efficient and effective at the same time.

3. Target Long-Term Results

At the back of your mind, you want to get as many sign ups because you want to make as much money possible. For now, keep this thought there. You are better off focusing on building a strategy that aims for long-term results, rather than earning money immediately.

How? Keep your subscribers engaged to your site, build a relationship, build trust and from there, it will be easier to convince them to buy what you’re offering. You have to work for it. Don’t expect them to fork out their money instantly just because you gave them a freebie or shared a good piece of content.

4. Be Mobile-Friendly

With tablets, smartphones and other gadgets to use, people are going mobile when it comes to online activities like surfing, checking emails, shopping, chatting and etc. You have to make sure that the emails you sent out are mobile-friendly. Sometimes, you only get one chance for your subscriber to open the email. If it doesn’t open properly, you just lost an opportunity there.

5. Use a Quality Email Auto Responder

An email auto responder is a program that you can use to automatically respond to emails, so you don’t have to reply to each one immediately especially if you’re out of the office or on vacation. There are subscribers that will try and reach you through email. Using a good email auto responder should put you in a positive light; a more professional approach to dealing with emails.

Also, when using respected software, you have better chance of not ending up in the spam folder.

You can try Get Response. It’s been getting great reviews, plus it has a free 30-day trial.

6. Highlight Testimonials

Aside from offering free stuff, showing real testimonials is a good way to entice your visitors to opt-in in your mailing list. People like hearing what other people say. And most of the time, if they see testimonials on your site, it’s a sign that you are legit. So encourage them to sign up by highlighting what people are saying about you through reviews, feedback and testimonials.

7. Offer Value

If you want to build your email list, you can’t just focus on the opt-ins. Maybe at first, your goal is to get as many subscribers as you can. But after that, keeping them on your list is much more of a challenge. Why should they keep subscribing anyway? If you are offering something valuable, they won’t think twice about maintaining their subscription.

Something valuable is not just a free item. It can be helpful advice, tips and information that will be useful to their everyday lives. It could be a solution or an answer to a problem.

8. Go to Social Media

Go to social media sites to boost your traffic and have more chances to gather opt-ins. Use your social media profiles to make your brand more visible. Engage with your followers. The closer you are with them, the better your chances of having more subscribers. In addition, with social media, your followers can help you do the promoting through sharing and liking your posts.

What do you want to try first? These methods may look easy and simple, but often, simple is the most effective way to get the best results.

Azalea Pena is a knowledgeable, enthusiastic blogger with years of experience. She has an interest in action-packed flicks, mixed martial arts, volleyball, nutrition, and harnessing positive vibes for a balanced lifestyle.

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