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How to Create an Impact with Effective Email Marketing

Online marketers have realized the slow pace at which the economy is growing. Therefore, they have begun to use email marketing as an essential tool to acquire clients. A very important aspect of modern day emails is newsletters. They are increasingly being used by online marketers to promote their clients. Welcome emails form part of newsletters and help businesses to acquire and engage more and more clients.

Other things too have been pointed out in a recent study. They are as follows.

  • Almost one-third of new names in the subscribers’ list buy for the first time within 2 days of their subscription.
  • Even after this approach of subscribers more than half of marketers are under the impression that they are not being able to make maximum utilization of their welcome e-mail.


Here are some tips to know how to grab the first audience.

1. Create an impactful first impression

Creating a good impression in the very beginning is useful to catch the attention of clients. We are all aware of the significance of the first impression in our everyday life. However, when it comes to email marketing, most marketers tend to understand it late. As a business owner, you may think that you tried a lot, yet the email did not fetch you the traffic you desired to get. The reason may be your not so impressive first email. Experienced marketers make a thorough study of the likes and dislikes of their target clients before designing an email. The best design and approach is bound to create a lasting impact in the minds of the readers.

2. Welcome your subscribers with warmth

Most email marketers feel that their welcome message is not warm enough to attract the required number of visitors or ensure conversion. You can take the help of a company offering bulk email marketing services in Mumbai to make sure that your email marketing campaign is moving in the right direction.

The first message you send sows the seed of trust in the minds of your subscribers. It should consist of information related to the type of emails you are going to send and the frequency at which you are going to send them.

If you want further engagement, you can ask your subscribers to share their opinions regarding your service in the welcome email.

3. Leverage the thank you note

Sending a thank you note to first time subscribers is a courtesy. You can add a sense of gratitude to the welcome email and let your subscribers feel how much you were looking forward to their subscription. Your approach is also going to let them know that they are interacting with human beings who are eager to listen to their problems and bring out solutions to those problems.

Around 40% email marketers have stated that their first email is a thank you note.

Thanking your subscribers is as simple as thanking a person when they offer you something. All you have to do is track the first timers who subscribe to your emails. However, several marketers fail to realize the importance of the gratitude note thinking that their audiences may not respond to their thank you. The truth is that the response of the clients is not as important as letting them know that you are there to solve their problems.


Now, that you know about the ways in which emails can fetch you audience for the first time, you should make full use of them and watch success unfolding.

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Susan John is associated with as an email marketer. She has assisted several businesses to make most of their emails marketing campaign.

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