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Top Marketing Tips to Promote Your Local Business

In a world where marketing for online and international businesses seems to get all the attention, here are some simple and highly effective tips for marketing your local business that really work.

Top Marketing Tips to Promote Your Local Business

Use more than one method of marketing

Customers tend to tune out when they see the same television, newspaper or radio ads over and over. It’s the same with those banner ads that follow you from website to website online. After a while, you don’t even notice them. It’s a phenomenon known as ad blindness.

This is why you want to reach out to your potential customers in as many ways as you can. Vary the ads and messages you send out so people don’t automatically feel they’ve heard it before and therefore don’t need to listen.

Follow up with a second offer immediately after customers make a purchase

Encourage customer loyalty by sending out a follow-up offer via email or direct mail once a customer buys something. If you attach a time limit on the offer, it will encourage them to act quickly if they want to take you up on the offer. Even local brick and mortar businesses should be actively growing their email lists and sending out emails regularly.

Send regular newsletters out to customers

This builds on the previous tip. Make it part of your process to collect email addresses from your customers and encourage people to visit your online space in order to get on your email list. Email newsletters are effective for bringing past customers back into your business while keeping your business top off mind with potential customers.

You can also send out physical newsletters to your local customers who may not be online. As long as the information you send out is both entertaining and informative, your customers will enjoy receiving your messages.

Take advantage of social media

It is always a good idea to engage with customers where they hang out. And these days, most of your customers are hanging out online on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. This gives you a golden opportunity to engage with your customer base on a regular basis and encourage their loyalty by offering them exclusive content or special offers and discounts that are only available to your “Facebook Fans” or “Twitter Followers,” for example.

Blog about your industry

Blogging works. Even for local businesses. It is one of the best ways to attract new business online while engaging with existing customers. You should be updating your blog regularly with new and interesting content that uses a mixture of entertainment and actionable information. Keep people apprised of ongoing advances in your business, feature the stories of past customers who have used your business and had positive experiences.

You can also be pro-active by commenting on other people’s blogs, as well. Even occasionally guest posting on another website will help get more eyes on your business.

Send out press releases

You can get great coverage from your local newspaper by sending out press releases. Anytime you have a new contract, new jobs, a new business launch, a seminar or a charity event, make the most of it by sending out a well written press release.

Send out direct mail postcards

No matter how busy or inundated with advertising through their mail, people will still take the time to read a postcard. If you can craft an ad that catches their eye, you can drive a high volume of traffic with just one mailing.

Author Bio: With huge interest in digital marketing and branding, Monique Craig works at Oneflare. Oneflare provides the easiest way to find reliable and experienced tradesmen in Australia.

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