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Top 10 Tips: Strengthening Your Merchant-Client Relationship with an Effective Email Outreach

Every successful SEO company knows that it is not always easy to find or entice clients who are in need of their services. With everything heading into the digital realm, it is no surprise that business owners, bloggers, and people who are turning towards the Internet need to present content that does not only address the users’ wants and needs, but is also written or displayed with exceptional quality.Merchant-Client Relationship with an Effective Email OutreachGarnering a list of clients come in two different forms. It is either that the client approaches the SEO company, or it is the company who approaches them. Normally, if the company is a well-known brand, clients would be asking for their services left and right. This however, is not the same case for smaller and startup companies. In order for businesses like these to survive this in-demand service, they need to contact the clients themselves. However, reaching out to these clients can be a bit tricky – especially when companies like these have not yet made a name for themselves.

Sending an email is the surest way to get their attention, but one must remember that waiting for the client’s response is not immediate. There are numerous factors that go into sending and receiving an email, but if you want your humble SEO company to begin growing at a rapid pace, you need to strategize and compose your messages into something that will amaze your future clients.

Emailing a client does not have to be very difficult. Just follow and remember these simple tips and clients will be asking for your services in no time.

  1. Make the Subject Interesting

Deals can be made or broken in just a single glance. The subject in the email should encapsulate everything you want to say and more, but must still be visible within the text limit. Make sure that whatever you write there will immediately capture the client’s attention because who knows how many more emails do they have to read or dig through, before being able to see yours.

  1. Always Present Your Best Ideas

In this case, it’s best to never reserve your best ideas last. Your client’s time is precious and if they want to be amazed with your proposals – always put your best ideas upfront. Keeping them interested is a key element, so when you begin the usual formal introduction, immediately shoot them with your proposal, leaving them with an impression that you are serious with your offer.

Merchant-Client Relationship with an Effective Email Outreach

  1. Be Original

Remember, you are not the only SEO company that provides specific services. There are other businesses that are more experienced and have developed their own game plan. This should not dishearten you; rather, it should help you strive to create better and more original pitches. Standing out like a sore thumb is actually a good thing. For one, it impresses your clients because it means that you are thinking about the bigger picture and that you have the guts to stay away from being in the “safe zone.” Another reason would be that it gives you the opportunity to pioneer an untapped thought that may put your brand on the map of SEO.

  1. Keep Everything Short and Sweet

Like what was said earlier, your clients have very little time to read a barrage of words. Be straight forward as possible, so before you hit that send button, be sure that you are able to voice out your pitches as concise. Being too wordy will not impress your clients because they might think that you are expressing your ideas in circles, and that you are not confident with your pitch.

  1. Treat Your Clients Like Equals

Although they are people who may possibly work with you in the near future, you should treat them like how you would treat yourself. Seeing them as a lesser or higher being will definitely negatively impact your company. Visualizing your clients as “easy” targets will get you into a lot of trouble and need to be respected as such. On the other hand, you must not fear them because it might affect your confidence as a brand and give off the impression that you are not ready to operate in this profession.

  1. Build Good Links by Social Proofing

There are some clients who allow you to guest post or writing a relative article in their site. Take advantage of this because it will not only help advertise your brand, but also, gives them a chance to generate more audiences. In a way, you are both helping each other out to look for more potential customers and clients.

  1. Give a Demonstration

It is possible that you will meet clients who do not like to jump into conclusions and make a decision on the spot. It is better to give your clients a little taste of what they will be getting, if ever they decide to choose you. This sneak peak, if you will, will allow your potential clients to see how much your company has grown and at the same time, give them a chance to assess your works.

  1. Everyone Should Benefit From The Deal

Make sure that your proposal is never one sided. Both you and your clients are trying to make a profit, so you need to create pitches that will cater to the wants and needs of both parties. Always accomplish your end of the bargain, and they will give you what was promised – it is only fair, after all.

  1. Always End With a Call to Action

Never forget to leave your contact information and a call to action at the end of every message. It is the fastest and easiest way for them to reach you if ever they decide to hire your specific service.

  1. Ask for A Follow Up

In some cases, clients tend to forget about the pitches they have approved because of the mountain of messages they get every day. Message them from time to time to remind them about your previous deals. Remember to always keep your calm and never sound pushy in your messages. There is a reason why they cannot address your emails in an immediate manner – and you must respect that.

Confidence is what you need to make your SEO company better. Do not be afraid to show your potential clients what you are capable of and remember to always put your best foot forward, because how else would you convince your audience that you mean business.

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Johann Carpio is a marketing consultant. He does inbound marketing for various websites, helping them increase their audience and readership through content and social media. He also writes about the current trends and practices of the industry.




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