5 Of The Best SEO Plugins For Mozilla Firefox

SEO PluginsBrowser plugins provide webmasters with timely and quick metrics that relate to SEO campaigns. By adding plugins, these metrics show up when a page is opened in the browser. By comparing SEO data from their website with the data from the competitor’s website, webmasters can proactively organize effective SEO campaigns. In this post we will be covering 5 of the best SEO plugins for Mozilla Firefox.

Here is a list of 5 best Mozilla plugins for SEO


The MozBar plugin provides webmasters with website metrics such as Alexa Rank, Domain Authority and Page Authority for any page opened within the Firefox browser. Users can use it to directly analyze incoming links as they browse through the internet. It allows webmasters to immediately see the follow and nofollow links on every page that is opened, as well as the meta attributes for the page. They can also track internal and external links for particular websites by turning a highlighter on and off. The Moz Pro allows users to link easily and quickly to other Moz Tools such as Moz Analytics.

SEO Toolbar

SEO is always getting more and more complex with many competitors to track and many parameters on which to optimize the website. SEO Toolbar achieves the objective of showing webmasters how strong a competing website is. This is achieved by presenting competitive research data to them. Useful as an on page and off page SEO tool, this plugin provides a number of metrics such as the Google PageRank for the opened page/website, links to the domain, monthly unique views, age of the website and estimated value of the website. It will help webmasters understand how many links are coming into a given page, for instance into a competitor’s website. The links are divided according to their sources, like how many .edu or .gov links are incoming. This makes it possible for webmasters to see how far they are from competitors’ numbers. It will help reveal how many pages of a given domain are listed on DMOZ. It will even show the IP addresses of host servers and sites hosted on the same servers.


This extension is not only tailored to help webmasters in SEO, but also in SMO (Search Media Optimization) and promotion. This is important, considering that Social Media Marketing is rumoured to be influencing search results and marketing as a whole. Since visibility of websites and pages relies on a number of aspects, monitoring your website and page performance on each of these aspects can help you plan optimization strategies effectively. Using SEOQuake, webmasters can monitor parameters such as Google PageRank of the opened page, the number of links coming from external sources to the opened page, and the number of indexed pages of the website opened. Webmasters can also customize the add-on by adding their own parameters.

This add-on will help webmasters to monitor rankings of competitor websites based on selected parameters. By submitting queries on search engines, webmasters can obtain rankings of each website presented on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). They can compare parameters of different competitor pages and save these parameters for future research and use. The plugin can be used for on and off page SEO.

Search Status

It provides information of a page, including the Alexa ranking of a website and Google PageRank. This tool comes with a quick keyword analyzer. It will tell how many links are of ‘nofollow’ type or which are of ‘dofollow’ type. Webmasters can also highlight important keywords for their websites or those of competitors. Thus, they can rate their SEO campaigns with those of competitors and act responsibly and fast.

WebRank SEO Tool Bar

This tool not only provides obvious metrics such as Google PR and Alexa Ranking, but also offers metrics from the social media. For instance, it can help webmasters see the number of Tweets of a page via the Tweet Count. It also shows metrics from Disqus. It also helps webmasters to track the number of links into a given website/page and to know how many indexed pages a given website has. It also allows SEO enthusiasts to track websites that are similar to their own or similar to selected/targeted ones.

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