Strange Reasons for Weight Gain That You Can’t Address Just by Training

It is common to assume that if you are gaining weight it is because you are not eating right or not working out adequately. However, there can be many other reasons like vitamin deficiency, hormonal imbalance or even a medicine’s side effect that could be responsible. A look at the top reasons beyond diet and exercise:



If you are on anti-depression pills, it is possible for you to gain quite a lot of weight. Studies have established that even people who may not have been diagnosed as being depressed are inclined to fight their feelings of sadness or loneliness with comfort foods that are typically high-calorie and high-fat.

Even if you are not eating substantially more junk food, you could have just curtailed your physical activity. It is better to get weaned off the pills and take antidepressants that aid weight management or better still, join support groups to gain more confidence and deal with depression.

Wrong Medicines

Quite a few medicines can lead to weight gain such as birth control pills, beta-blockers for cardiac disease, medicines for hypertension, anti-seizure as well as cancer medications, and even medicines prescribed for heartburn and migraine. The exact causes behind weight gain can be varied; some medicines affect the metabolism or the appetite, while others may encourage you to eat more due to a sense of well being.

If you suspect that you are gaining weight because of your treatment, consult your doctor who may be able to suggest alternatives. You may be suggested to buy steroids of a different kind to avoid weight gain issues.

Digestive Problems

If your digestive system is performing sub-optimally or you don’t have an adequate bowel movement you could end up gaining weight. Lack of regularity in passing stools could be due to a number of reasons that include medication, poor fiber content of food, dehydration or even insufficient gut flora.

Constipation can be tackled with fiber-rich food, probiotics and by drinking lots of water. Consuming soluble fiber powders could be very effective in cleaning out the waste from the system. Consult your doctor for possible neurological or hypothyroidism disorders.

Low Level of Essential Nutrients

If you are on a diet that is not properly balanced, you could face a lack of nutrients like iron, magnesium, potassium or even Vitamin D. The insufficiency may lead to lower energy levels; adversely impact your metabolism that results in fewer calories being burnt. You may also be trying to compensate by eating more carbohydrates, caffeine, and sugary stuff that could add inches to your waistline in a matter of months.

Get your blood tested periodically and adjust your diet so that you can consume the missing nutrients naturally with your food without the need to take supplements.


Since there are multiple issues that could be affecting your weight, you need to make certain what the actual reason is by consulting your doctor who may advise some diagnostic tests. Thereafter alterations in your lifestyle such as diet, as well as alternative medicines, and exercise can address the problem suitably.

Image Credits: Phil Gradwell

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