Tadoba Tiger Resort & Prospects of Ecotourism Business

There is a growing trend among the public in general toward greening their lifestyle that includes travel and recreation choices. This trend would soon be creating a great demand for ecotourism experiences and accommodation. Businesses that come up to meet this need would be successful. The ecotourism business so far has been helpful to numerous destination marketing organizations and tourism operators. Businesses could take advantage of ever growing consumer interest and inclination toward sustainable travel in case they are able to convince travellers about the advantages of opting for an ecotourism vacation.


Tadoba Tiger Reserve is the largest National Park in Maharashtra, India and boasts of high density of tigers. This is basically a captivating dry deciduous forest that has a beautiful topography. Tadoba is a hot favorite eco-tourism destination and is known for sightings of tigers, leopards, wild dogs and numerous other species of fauna. The surrounding areas are great terrains for walking safaris and bird-viewing. Places like Tadoba have great business possibilities and ecotourism business is bound to thrive thanks to the enthralling surroundings, tranquility, fascinating fauna & flora featuring these spectacular national Parks.

Planning: Most Important for Business Success

An ecotourism business is said to have certain specific requirements that should be taken into account and incorporated into your business plan. A tourism provider not only should have a normal business strategy & plan; he should assess the feasibility of his green business and evaluate the potential weaknesses and strengths in this particular area.

Ask vital questions such as are you having any local support? What kind of local supply chain do you have? Do you have access to several farmers who are willing to and capable of producing food needed for your business? If you really wish to take your business to a whole new level, you need to come up with proper answers to the questions.

Planning certainly is the most effective way of doing this. There are several organizations that are interested in promoting ecotourism and so you should be having adequate support and plenty of encouragement. Browse through to get an idea that ecotourism can be fun, enjoyable and super cozy.

Showcasing & Highlighting Green Experiences on Offer

If you wish your ecotourism business to grow and prosper, you need to start by showcasing or highlighting the unique experiences you are offering. You could go on adding some new experiences every year. If you are providing tourists with the opportunity of doing something unique such as a walk in the jungle with traditional healer, you should highlight this information on your website or in your company’s brochures.

You should display photos of the guestrooms and try to add some testimonials on your website so that people are tempted to come, after seeing the pictures and listening to satisfied guests. Till now many people are not very comfortable with the idea of ecotourism. They need to be shown that ecotourism can be great fun, adventure and at the same time comfortable too!

Promote your USP

Previously, lodges in and around National Parks used to focus on fishing and hunting. Nowadays most of these lodges have realized that their bottom line will be looking a lot better, in case they focused on photography. Visitors and guests are taken to see rare species of fauna or flora for example; rare orchids are shown so that tourists could click pictures of them. Customers are known to prefer value-added services. They would be returning a number of times if the opportunity to take pictures of something new, rare, or unique is well marketed. Many ecotourism operators are offering their nature-loving guests wonderful photography experiences.

Ecotourism is on the rise. Think smart and grab your opportunity to succeed and shine!

Author Bio: Timothy Simons is a business analyst and a columnist writing in well-known business journals. Recently he has taken to blogging and is currently concentrating on ecotourism. He recommends his followers to browse through to understand that life could be pretty cool and comfortable even in remote National Parks thanks to some enterprising minds.

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