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Career Prospects and Requirements for Mass Communication

Mass communication in general refers to the use of various media forms for communicating with the public. The various zones of mass communication include public relations, advertising and journalism. These branches are closely related to each other and the professionals require interaction among the branches. Now, let us discuss the career prospects and the requirements in this industry.


  • Public Relations: The public relations specialists or the managers may uphold the organization to the public in an interesting manner. They can perform their roles being in a single organization or can be a part of the agency, which works for various client organizations. The public relations experts may seek positive attention of the clients or the organization, or manage the brand images during difficult situations.
  • Requirements: Many institutes and universities offer degree programs in the field of public relations through journalism, or the communication departments. The interested students may opt for a course in technical writing, advertising, media research or law. A Student may take the advantage of completing an internship where he or she can create presentations, provide support for some events and publish some press releases.
  • News Analysts: The news analysts are responsible for reviewing the information before it is broadcast to the public. The professionals also select the content, which requires to be presented to the public. You can take up the Journalism or the Mass Communication course in the MBA institutes in Mumbai.
  • Requirements: The broadcast news analysts possess Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication. The aspiring analysts may opt for Broadcast Journalism or Communications as their major subjects. The course may include radio production, broadcast writing and the telecommunications management. Some of the organizations may prefer the graduates, with experience while hiring them as news analysts. The experience can be gathered through the internship in any broadcasting company or contributing in the school magazine or newspaper.
  • Writers: The writers generally perform research for presenting various topics in the magazines, websites, newspaper and other media platforms. They may specialize in a particular industry, such as sports or the politics.
  • Requirements: To become a writer, you must possess a graduate degree in Communication, Journalism or English. The course may include world literature as well as news journalism. The subjects will help you in understanding the methods of informing, persuading, as well as entertaining the public. Practical experiences can be gained by the writers through the newsletters of the writing community, working for the college newspapers and participating in the production of the theaters.

Mass Communication is a vast field, which also includes the social media or the advertisements. The social media is becoming an excellent tool for keeping the public engaged.  The campaigns of the public relations, strategies of journalism and the organizations of the advertisement are working well in the social media platforms. The professionals in the Mass Communication industry are also coming up with the social media skills to keep pace with the modern world. The audiences can easily be connected with the social media platforms with the help of the tech-savvy journalists.

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