Technological Advancement In The Medical Health Industry


Medical Advancement

As technology has continued to advance, medical arena has also progressed drastically. Medical transcriptionists have been an essential part of the industry from the very beginning. In olden times, doctors or clinicians used to relay information to the dictation machines and workers hired as transcriptionists used to write a report and print it out. With time, its methods have evolved and people involved in this industry have had to make sure that they are keeping up with the changes.

Effects on Transcriptionists

The medical industry now uses software such as Nuance Dragon. These kinds of softwares are able to use the raw data given to them and refine them into texts. They are more adept and skilful at recognizing voices and differentiating the various accents. In this manner, the jobs of transcriptions have also altered. Whereas, previously they had to spend hours writing the texts provided to them from the verbal dictation, they simply have to edit the work that these new softwares give out. It is less time consuming and they can get more work done with limited amount of time. However, it may not always be as satisfying as writing the entire transcriptions on their own. The transcriptionists may suffer from less work gratification which could influence their efficiency. In order to combat this problem, it is necessary for the transcriptionists to keep themselves updated on the new technology so that their value does not decrease. Moreover, if they are more competent in the software they have to use, they may also derive greater happiness from it.


Advantages and Precautions of Electronic Health Record:

Previously, there had to be at least an entire room filled with filing cabinets. With the advancement of technology, this is not necessary anymore. Hospitals and clinics can easily upload the files to their computers. This way they are able to access them more easily. If need be, they can also be sent to other doctors or hospitals anywhere in the world. This is a huge achievement as doctors are continuously asking each other’s opinions on sicknesses and ailments which need a second or third opinion.

Many new job opportunities have opened up due to the progress in technology concerning health and medical industry. With inflation and the recession in the economy, it has become imperative that people are able to earn their living. It also encourages them to educate themselves so that they can be a relevant and useful in the real world.

There have had to be more rules and regulations which apply to this field of study. In order to maintain some semblance of privacy laws have been passed. This is extremely important as there is an increased sense of vulnerability as people with the right amount of skills are able to hack into servers and get very delicate and private information. These laws offer some protection to the people in question.

Consequently, it has been seen that with medical advancement, it is vital that transcriptionists also increase their skills so that their value in the industry does not decrease. Furthermore, with the medical health care industry being tech-savvy, laws have passed which are meant to discourage people from exploiting private and confidential files.

The author of this article,Donald Cumming, is a full-time transcriptionist and a technology buff. He has been associated with the best transcription companies like almost a decade now.

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