The Best Websites For Freelancers Looking For Work

Freelance work is becoming increasingly common across the world, and as more businesses are looking to adopt remote working models full time, the possibilities for remote workers are only increasing. There is a wide range of websites out there that can help freelancers find the right work for them. This list outlines some of the most popular and well-respected websites for freelancers looking for work.




The freelancer was created in 2008 and is the biggest online marketplace for freelance work. The website is completely free to use; all you have to do is set up an account and fill out details on your professional profile. Then you can begin searching for freelance work.


What makes freelancers so great is just how broad the site is. It is the biggest marketplace for freelance work, offering positions in a wide range of industries. However, it is worth noting that while the site is free to use, it does take a percentage of your earnings when you accepted a job offer.



Fiverr is so-called because when the site started, it catered towards creative professionals looking for short-term work, who would offer their services for as low as a fiver. However, over time this platform has grown exponentially, now hosting four job offers every second.


Fiverr is mainly focused on creative and designed-focused industries. It is perfect for freelancers who are looking to expand their portfolios. Fiverr is free to use, but it does take a 20% commission of your total sales each month.


Freelance Writing Gigs

This website began as a writing blog but is now one of the most useful resources for freelance writers who are looking for work. The website collects and showcases the best freelance writing jobs that are listed online. Their moderators update the site every day, making it easy for freelance writers to find the right job opportunity for them.



Shiply is a load board website that helps drivers and delivery people to find work quickly and easily, as you can choose work that suits your needs. You can search the site to find loads that match your needs based on country, route, and preferences. Next, you simply quote the amount that you wish to receive. All of the companies that Shiply works with are certified to ensure worker safety.


The site does not charge a subscription or take money out of your earnings. Instead, the site adds a 10% fee on top of what you quote as a price. With access to millions of customers, Shiply offers freelancers the flexibility to find the right work for them.


Angel List

Angel List is a platform that has been created specifically to help start-ups and freelancers connect. You can speak directly to the founders and hiring managers, which eliminates the need for third-party recruiters. The site hosts over 1,000,000 start-ups from across the world, who are all looking to work with interested freelancers. Freelancers do not have to pay fees to post their profile on Angel List, but companies looking for workers do have to pay a prescription fee.

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