Top 5 lift chairs for individuals with arthritis

One of the first things you need to know about arthritis is that it can be a very uncomfortable disease to live with. In this disease patients usually have to deal with a lot of different things from difficulty in moving around right to getting up and sitting down in difficulty. There are so many different things that can go wrong with arthritis patients because the main source of the problem lies with the fact that there is massive inflammation in the joints in the person who is affected by this disease. There is almost no coming back from it and as most doctors point out the best thing to do is make sure that the patient’s life is made fairly comfortable until his or her last days. Lift chairs are therefore instrumental in ensuring that patient is able to do basic things like move around in a chair recliner.


Ultra Comfort Tranquility

When it comes to buying from the best companies, it is quite natural that this brand comes to mind. The primary directive of this chair is to impart a level of comfort that is more targeted towards the back and joints, and it does this by ensuring that the classic styled chair has a biscuit style backrest that puts equal and proportionate cushion pressure over the whole back. It comes in a medium size with a capacity of 375 pounds and rotates in three different positions, including the napper position upon raising the footrest, in addition to many color choices.

AmeriGlide Leather

AmeriGlide is the kind of company that just keeps adding onto the different levels of innovation with each new product release. With this particular product they have ensured that even individuals with arthritis that have to work in a more professional setting are not subjected to any compromises in their rest, and they have done this by adding the really suave leather cover to the whole chair, which is a 3 point back cushioned chair with a back pillow seat and a really luxurious finish to it. Overall this chair speaks volumes in terms of back comfort and easy use.

Catnapper Edwards

On the other end of the spectrum are those clients that love a simple yet elegant design rather than something that is very luxurious. For those people comes Catnapper with a more homely look to their chairs. However, this does not in any way reflect on the powerful motor that drives this chair that has 48 independent spring coil systems that work in complete synchrony that overall give an equal distribution of weight and allow relaxation of the body and joints without any kind of pain. The fabric is chenille and the maximum weight it can support is 350 pounds

Medlift 25 series

Medlift is always striving to make products that add to the comfort of the patient rather than focus on the style and look. That is why the 25 series comes equipped with a very easy to use control system that is incredibly user friendly, coupled with a button-back cushion system to allow easing into the sofa as well as a 3 point reclining system including the napper system and a powerful battery backup. The hardwood frame comes with a lifetime warranty and the other mechanisms come with a 4 year warranty which makes it top of the line for use.

Golden Technologies comforter

This chair has a completely plush design and comes with an extra neck rest pillow for all those who need that extra support while sitting or reclining backwards. There are almost no compromises made in this product as the chair comes in a wide range of 10 different sizes right from a weigh capacity of 300 pounds to a weight capacity of 700 pounds, which is the largest one of its type in the market today. This option gives the user more freedom to choose amongst the different options and pick the chair that is custom sized to their measurements.


When it comes to your loved ones, there is obviously no price tag that will be sufficient to show them how much you care about them. However, you need to make sure that you do all of your research before hand on which model is best suited to their needs. After all, you do not want to be able to go through the stigma of giving your loved one something that they will have to call and complain about to the company later on. You want to give them something that is reliable and solid, and takes care of them.

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