What Makes Women Safer Car Drivers Than Men?

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Do men and women drive differently? Who’s better behind the wheels? It’s an age-old question that keeps cropping up every now and then. With the number of women car drivers in UK increasing rapidly, this question has become more or less irrelevant today. However, if there’s someone who still cares whether women or men are the better drivers, it’s the insurance companies!

While some people may not agree, the statistics suggest that women are better drivers. They drive safely and cause less number of accidents on roads. So, what are the factors that make women better drivers than men?

Men, in general, are more aggressive than women. This is the main factor that makes women safer drivers. Research shows that most men drivers have sound driving skills. However, they also have a tendency to take more risks. Men are more likely to exceed speed limits. They overtake dangerously on roads and honk more often. Men are more competitive and hostile on roads. This kind of behaviour greatly increases the chances of accidents. A large percentage of accidents caused by men are due to driving violations. They’re far more likely to break traffic rules. Be it drunk driving or violation of speed limits and traffic controls, men are more likely to violate traffic rules. This leads to more accidents on roads.

In terms of competence and driving skills there is not much that separates men and women. But differences in behaviour and psychological functioning make men more dangerous on roads. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that men are 3 times more likely to get killed in a car accident due to negligent driving. The number of accidents caused by men is also much high than women.

The fact that women cause less number of accidents on roads is of significance for car insurance companies. Providing car insurance cover to a woman means that the chances of incurring a loss are less. It is for this reason that they these companies offer many benefits and advantages to women car drivers. Whether we talk of personal accident cover or free personal belongings cover, there are many benefits women can enjoy while buying car insurance.

When it comes to buying car insurance for women, there is no shortage of choices either. Third party car insurance, comprehensive car insurance and other types of insurance are available for women. However, selecting the right insurance that meets your requirements and suits your budget may prove to be a challenging task. Car insurance comparison websites may prove to be of help in this regard.

Although they pay equal car insurance, women clearly have an advantage when it comes to buying car insurance. As they are safer drivers and cause less number of accidents, there are many benefits that are exclusively reserved for women by car insurance companies.

By – Robert

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