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Why Kitchen Design is Complex

Satisfying kitchens are those that blend style and functionality seamlessly.  Every piece works in the overall tone and all appliances blend in such a way to not clutter the kitchen.  This unique balance can be very hard to achieve in modern kitchens that increasingly contain more and more small appliances.  Kitchen design also becomes more complex when more people use it at the same time.  In other words, family homes with 2 or more people living in them, all with different kitchen needs.


The first hurdle you must pass is the style you want your kitchen to end up being.  A brief Google search will reveal lists of dozens of different style choices.  Maybe you are comfortable sifting through all the nuanced styles there are but if you are not here are the big 4:

  • Modern
  • Old World
  • Mediterranean
  • Contemporary

Modern kitchens feature sleek lines and hiding places for all the clutter while Old World kitchens have dark wood cabinets and warm lighting. Mediterranean kitchens have a European feel to them.  They have aged surfaces, deep tones and rough textures.  Finally, contemporary design highlights a little bit of everything seamlessly.  It has warm sleek lines with subtle textures and handmade centerpieces.

There are plenty other design styles you can choose from including: cottage, coastal, craftsmen, farmhouse, rustic, transitional, Paris bistro, classic and eclectic.  The list truly is never ending and always changing.  To find out what the latest trends are talk with a kitchen designer as they are always on top of trends.

Working concepts
You may think that kitchen design ends at choosing a style but that’s really only half the work.  You then have to decide how to place and structure everything in your kitchen so that it is easy and efficient to work in.  If you cook with more than one person it becomes even more complicated because you have to start coordinating tasks so that you won’t cross paths and cause a mess while working.


Traditionally a concept known as the triangle work design was employed to layout all the major appliances in the kitchen in a way to maximize efficiency and minimize time spent.  This design can still be used but it is only ideal in simple kitchens with one person cooking.  Modern kitchens often have more than one person working in them at the same time so the triangle design has to be altered to account for the addition of more appliances and people working.  How the functionality of your kitchen is now designed depends on a number of factors including:

  • Number of people cooking or observing/socializing.
  • What you typically cook.
  • How many people you are cooking for.

Modern kitchen requirements have undergone a number of transformations in the past few decades.  You can no longer decide on one style and have everything else fall into place, careful planning of every aspect must be present if you want to have a beautiful kitchen that you love, and that often means it needs to accommodate more than just cooking.

The kitchen has always been the hub of a home, but now people cook, entertain, relax and even do school work in the kitchen, it’s needs to be the ultimate multi-function room.

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