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The Heart Of The Home

Builders, architects, designers and merchants can see it. Kitchen functionality and design constantly grow, whether it is because of the time we are in or the way of life.


Small kitchen appliances, from the fridge to the dishwasher and stove change all the time. Kitchens are more ecologically built, because recycled materials are often being used, eco products and a greener way of life reduce the bad influence on the environment.

The kitchen is the heart of the home

They say that the kitchen is the heart of the entire home. We believe that that is true, whether it is small or big, the kitchen is the center of the home. It is a place where meals are made, and it gives the body and soul peace. The kitchen is a true friend of families all over the world. Some say that life is made in the bedroom, but it is certainly revitalized in the kitchen.

The kitchen depends on the way of life

The importance of this room depends on the size of the kitchen, the family and the way of life. In older homes, kitchens are usually small, separated and removed from the rest of the house. That was a space used exclusively for cooking. In older homes, the dining room and living room were more important.

In the past for cooking, today for life

We all have some memory of our mothers, or sometimes both parents, slaving over the stove and working hard to make us a delicious and nutritious meal. In most cases children are encouraged to join the efforts and learn the skill of cooking. Next to enjoying making a meal for the whole family, beautiful memories were created. The kitchen is not a sleepy and peaceful place, it is full of energy, smells and warmth.

The kitchen gathers the family in the morning

In big and spacious homes, the kitchen is often big enough to support a large table for a family lunch or snack, but lunch and dinner are still served in the dining room where the family gathers at the end of the day. Family lunch was much more important in the past.

The importance of size and design

The importance of the size and productivity of the kitchen is big. Selling homes largely depends on the kitchen – functionality, the location in the home and design. Older kitchens have to look more modern and new. It is not uncommon that real estate agents renew the kitchen. A kitchen should also be well lit, because cooking demands that. And it is also more beautiful.

Today, a kitchen is much more than just a kitchen

Today, a kitchen is the family living space. It is the kitchen – a set space for cooking – with a well thought of setting. Then, there is the dining room, as a part of the kitchen, usually big enough to have a 6 person table. And there is the space for resting and sitting, which means the whole family can socialize while the meal is being prepared.

What do you think? Is the kitchen the heart of every home?

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