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10 packing and moving tips for Parents

Moving is a stressful job. And it gets more stressful if you are a parent. In fact, the very idea to move with kids can result in a nervous breakdown. It is quite normal for kids to feel intimidated by the very imagination of handling stress. They hate changes and may not like the idea of moving home. They know it means leaving friends and many things they love about their home. As parents, it is your duty to make them feel happy less stressed and comfortable.


Here is a list of 10 packing and moving tips for parents:

  1. Involve Kids

Although moving is something your kids may not appreciate, involving them in the task will certainly help. A lot of parents try to keep their children out of the loop completely which leads to confusion. Remember that it is very scary for children when their mom and dad don’t tell the plan or hide things from them. So start off by explaining things. Inform them about the move. Also explain the reason for your move. Do not stop or interrupt if they have questions in mind. Also answer those questions as honestly as possible. You must tell them when the moving process will take place.

  1. Explain the Packing

Let your kids know how and when the packing will be done. Allow them to get involved. For instance, help them if they are keen to pack smaller stuff such as toys, games, story books etc. In order to keep them happy, inform them about new exciting things at new destination. When you do these things, the kids will not feel depressed or think that things are happening beyond their control.

  1. A Visit

If possible, take the kids to the new place and let them see how exciting and interesting the things will be when they finally shift. This helps the child get accustomed to the new location. They will start realising the new things about the place their parents wish to take them to.

  1. A Place for Kids

It is good to arrange for a special comfortable place for your kids on the moving day. If possible, have your kids stay with a family member or close friend. Later on, you can involve them in moving day activities. Allow your little ones to carry a few boxes (light in weight) to the truck. They may also help you wrap little object, plates in newspaper. Allow them to pack box of books / toys. When you make them feel they are a part of all that’s happening, they feel more secure.

  1. Spend Quality Time

It is vital to spend quality with your children especially while explaining them about the new place. If it is not possible to take them to the place physically, go online and check out pictures. Also tell them about the activities and similar opportunities available at the new location. These days, many schools have their website online. Help them check out how things are going to be at new place. The whole process will help you reassure your kids about the move and what may happen the moment you get there. A less anxious child will make your moving hassle free and with less drama.

  1. A Special Box

Help your kids pack a box of special things. This may comprise of toys, story books, snacks, water bottle, games, music, and other things they love. The bag that will be carried with them in the car. Also make sure the box is available to your kids the moment you reach the new destination. Having familiar things at hand that’s exclusively theirs will help them feel comfortable. They will also be able to adjust soon after the move.

  1. Stay Calm and Smile

The kids may feel bad and stressed out to see you angry, anxious and uncomfortable. They will feel bad about the whole thing. So make sure you are calm throughout the move. Also keep a smile on your face. Remember kids tend to pick up on moods of adults around them easily. Being irritable will upset your child.

  1. Feed

Do not neglect the child’s diet. You must feed them well. Let them enjoy their favourite meal. Also keep them hydrated to avoid any health problems.

  1. Have Time to Pack

Packing in haste can make things complicated. It will introduce stress, hassles, and even risks. So make sure you keep ample time (at least a month or two) in hand to help things go smooth on moving day.

  1. Professionals

Last but not the least, hiring professionals will make things easier for you. It will make sure you move stress free and risk free and happier. It will also leave you ample time to take care of kids.

Hope the simple packing and moving tips will help you as parents to make your kids feel comfortable and happy during the stressful relocation process. Reputed packers and movers such as APMpackersmovers will help you make the entire process a cakewalk for you. Simply rely on their expertise and experience to ensure the safest move.

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