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Essential checklist for moving into a new home

moving into a new home

Are you looking forward to moving into a new home? If packing light is your main agenda, here is an essential checklist. It will help you move stress free and safe. Here, you will know about the items essential during your first few nights in your new home:


This is one thing that most people tend to pack last. And most of the time, they forget about it too. So prepare different sets of useful keys and keep them safe.

First-aid Kit

This is important everywhere. Relocation is no different. Moving heavy sharp and fragile objects can lead to some nicks and scrapes. Fill in a box with Band-Aids, absorbent cotton, a thermometer, tweezers, ace bandage, antiseptic wipes, and ibuprofen.


Can you survive without your phone? If no, then you must make chargers for phone, laptops, and tablet separately.

Pillows and Sheets

Carry these so that you can spend the first night in your new house comfortably!

Extra Pair of Clothing

You will need this. So make sure you keep a set of sleepwear and underwear.


Take care to bring travel packs of soap, shampoo, deodorant, plus towels, toothbrush and toothpaste, moisturizing cream, and washcloths to clean up.

Cleaning Supplies

Thought of this one? Well, since you are at new home, cleaning and cleansing is needed prior to actually settling. So make sure you carry the best supplies. Pack some glass cleaners, multisurface cleaners, broom, detergents, dish soap, dustpan etc.

Disposable Plates, Utensils, and Cups

These are the best options for move. Fetch some from the local market and you will be able to enjoy dinner. There are no hassles to wash and rinse plates. You simply need to throw these after use.

A Flashlight

Keep a flashlight with you in working condition. This really works in case of power failure.


You need to be out the whole day helping yourself or keeping an eye on packers and movers. A high SPF sunblock is certainly required while you take care of related tasks.


Don’t forget to carry a pouch containing medicines you take on a daily basis.

Meal Staples

Remember that the move-in day will be too hectic to handle. So it is best to pack up stuff that demand least amount of preparation. For instance, you can bring in some cereals, pasta, cereal, milk, ready to prepare soup packets, bread, peanut butter, etc.


These are required to prepare some easy meals. So pack a set of pot and pan, a serving spoon, electric cook, and a can opener.

Packed Snacks

These come handy while moving. So pack some fruits, nuts, and granola bars. These are easy to carry and can be consumed anytime, anywhere.

Carry Beverages

You would definitely need beverages on the move. So make sure you carry bottled water, some instant tea bags and instant coffee.

Consider Pets

Pets don’t like a lot of change happening around them. They might feel a little stressed and scary. Keep food and dishes for pets. Also keep their favourite toy for extra comfort.


Well, this one may not sound necessary but you certainly need it. Moving is not a stress free job and a little entertainment doesn’t hurt. Keep a radio and game tablets with you bust the stress.

Tool Kit

Buy a portable compact tool kit comprising of hammer, screwdriver, nails, pliers etc. This is crucial.

Knife and Scissor

You would need knife and a pair of scissors for opening cartons and boxes after reaching your new home.


Keep a separate file of important records including identification cards, driver’s license, lease, passport, etc. Don’t forget to keep important contact phone numbers intact. These must also include numbers for your lender, moving company, and all financial institutions you are or wish to get associated with.


Well, you need a pen (in working condition) and set of papers the most. This will be needed to prepare lists. You must make a crystal clear list of ‘to-dos’ and additional stuff you may need for the new destination.


Most people forget to keep some cash separate. This is needed the most during the entire process. So make sure you keep some with you. Also pack all of your credit cards and checkbooks safe.

Duct Tape

Don’t forget to keep this handy. It is quite helpful and badly needed especially when you least expect it.

Little Celebration

This will work towards relieving a lot of stress and helping you feel at home. Celebrate and reward yourself towards the end of the day. Open a wine bottle and order your favourite meal. Also dream of and hope for a luckier and brighter future. Pray and sleep well to start off a new better day.

The above essential checklist for moving into a new home will certainly help you ease your stress and burden. Happy moving!

Author Bio: Abhishek is having 7+ years of experience moving industry. Nowadays he is helping people to move out without stress.

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  1. Langley Landscape Design

    This is a great list! It’s always such a headache trying to make sure you’ve got every aspect covered when it’s such a massive task. We’ve helped new home owners develop a landscape vision for their new homes (if it’s brand new) and love feeling like we’re a part of something special with them. Always a great feeling knowing we’re able to bring their ideas to life and create something unique to them.

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