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How to avoid losing items during your move

Common perception is, no matter how careful you are, some things are surely going to be lost or left behind while you are on move. No wonder, shifting is a complicated process as it’s all about placing your every belonging in multiple boxes and leaves those in the custody of professional moving experts. But the process need not to be that either that complicated or end up in loss of some items. Here are some tips which can empower you with superpowers to help yourself during the moving without losing a single thing.

avoid losing items during your move

Effective tips during the packing:-

  • Prepare a list:-

Make a list of all of belongings even before start of packing. Take a tour around your house and make a master list of things which are suppose to move with you. You can make some subcategory under the master list according to the rooms. List the items under the room category to get a clear picture of items you need to shift. This will help you keep track of the all things all the after unpacking. Just put a cross against the item when you will be rearranging those in your new place.

  • Pack the entire room:-

You may be tempted to go room to room and pack things as you want but there are better ways. It will be wiser to start to put things in a container until you are done with the entire room. For heaver stuffs, try to use smaller boxes instead of putting all of them in a single large container. Books can be transported using card board containers but valuable items should kept safely and better to carry with self. Keep multiple containers for every room and don’t forget to pack things of a specific room inside a certain boxes. It will be very helpful during unpacking as you don’t have to search every boxes while redecoration of rooms in your new place.

  • Label and photo graph:-

After putting the all the stuffs of a specific room in a single box, repeat the process until the last room. Afterwards you should label those boxes according to the room and afterwards take a high quality image of all the boxes. This will help you to confirm that you are not leaving anything behind.

  • Take special care for valuable and emotional belongings:-

You should carry your valuable items like money, jewelleries or furs etc with yourself to prevent any loss. There are professional services available for helping people to transport such valuables specifically and you can contact them if you want. If you have items which are emotionally significant to you, you should also clearly tell the professionals to take special care while moving those items.

Tips during the move:-

  • Hire a professional mover :-

Tackling the entire packing and moving process on your own, may result to lost or damaged items. You should hire or at least have a word with professionals. According to The American Moving & Storage Association, customers can get free referrals for certified professionals. So, you have the choice to consult with a professional mover without spending any money.  In case of you hire a professional agency let them help you to pack as they often don’t take responsibility of the items that they didn’t pack on their own. Read terms and condition of the agreement to evade any complication in case of loss of items. You should also confirm to bring your documents and agreements of legal contract between you and moving agency before the start of your journey.

Tips after relocation:-

  • Check for loss or damaged items:-

After reaching your destination, you should check whether any item misplaced or not. Use the photo graph of to confirm if every box has arrived or not. The check list will be helpful to track every item kept inside the boxes. In case of any loss, you should lodge a complaint to the responsible mover agency authority. If you have complied with their guidelines they will take fast action to find the missing items or compensate for those.

Losing of the items can be avoided by proper planning and awareness. This may sound a lot of work but in reality it reduces a lot of headache. You can shift without much worrying about the loss of the items and don’t have to run box to box searching for things if you plan things ahead.

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Abhishek holds an MBA degree in marketing. He is having four years of experience packing and moving industry. He is currently working in APM Packers and Movers as Marketing Manager.

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