5 Renewable Energy Sources That Are Good for Domestic and Commercial Consumption

Are you considering renewable energy for your domestic use? Are you tired of the pricey electricity bills that strain your pockets every single month? Or do you wish to save some good money by getting efficient and renewable energy for commercial use? Worry not; this post is a good read for you. It talks about renewable energy sources and their benefits to the world. So, read on…

There are several renewable energy sources that are in use in different parts of this world. However, the most popular sources are wind power, solar power, biomass, geothermal energy and hydroelectric power. T

hese five energy sources are not only renewable but they are also cleaner and cheaper compared to the non-renewable energy sources. According to Green Business Watch – renewable energy companies, these energy sources are also reliable and efficient for domestic and commercial use.

  • Solar power–This is produced when energy from the sun is converted into electricity or heat. The energy from the sun is trapped by solar panels which then directly or indirectly convert the energy into heat or electrical energy. If you have big solar panels, the energy that is trapped can be enough to serve a commercial building. At the end of the day, you can say goodbye to electricity bills by switching to solar power.

The advantages of solar power

  1. It has minimal maintenance costs
  2. It is economical
  3. It is renewable
  • Wind power–Wind power is produced by harnessing energy from the wind with use of wind turbines. And like the solar panels depend on the light from the sun, wind power is determined by how intense the wind currents are. The wind currents are converted into electrical energy that is ideal for a number of domestic and commercial tasks like water heating, pumping water and so much more.

 The advantages of wind power

  1. It is a clean source of energy
  2. Wind is free and its currents are easy to capture
  3. Wind power is free of pollutants
  4. Wind power is economical
  5. It is also a great source of renewable energy
  • Biomass – This is energy that is produced from organic waste, plants and manure. Other than letting organic matter decompose and release methane to the air, experts are helping convert this waste into something useful; energy.

The advantages of biomass

  1. Reduces the need for fossil fuels
  2. Helps reduce waste in our environment
  3. Biomass is readily available
  4. It is also a great source of renewable energy
  • Geothermal energy–Heat that is generated and stored in the earth is referred to as geothermal energy. There are hot water reservoirs below the earth and it is the steam that these reservoirs produce that is tapped and converted into energy.

 The advantages of geothermal energy

  1. It is renewable
  2. It is clean
  3. It is cost-effective
  • Hydroelectric power– This is one of the oldest energy sources. For this power to be produced, generators have to spin water from dams and rivers and in the process, mechanical energy is converted to electrical energy.

And like the above energy sources, hydroelectric energy is;

  1. Renewable
  2. Eco-friendly
  3. And relatively cheap

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