How To Take Charge Of Your Energy Bill

waterEnergy prices are ever on the increase and, to add insult to injury, many households are unknowingly wasting energy every day in the home. A dripping tap here, a draught there- it may not seem like much but these all add up to a hefty bill and a poor environmental impact. By changing just a few of your bad energy habits now, you could shave up to a third off your energy bills over the course of a year.

Take control of your energy bill now, and do your bit for the planet in the process with these top tips.

Be water savvy

Water usage is one of the main offenders of wasted energy in the home. Everything from overusing water when we wash up to wasting leftover water in the kettle contributes enormously and consider this: a leaky tap, if left for one week, can waste enough water to fill half a bath, that’s a waste of 330 gallons per month. Be sure to fix leaks and faults as soon as you spot them and take care to only use as much water as you need when filling the kettle or running the bath etc.

Don’t let heat escape

HeatUnless your home is brand new, it’s a good bet that you may be losing heat through the gaps and crevices around your home. Small holes in your skirting boards and around your windows all account for heat loss so it might be wise to invest in draught excluding materials such as silicone sealant and sealed fire guards. Making these small changes can cost between £150 and £200 but it is a small price to pay in comparison with the amount you will save on heating bills. Proofing cracks in your windows and floors makes all the difference towards a warmer home in winter and a more comfortable monthly bill.

Turn off idle appliances

The amount of appliances left on standby in the home is astonishing, and with our busy lifestyles it can sometimes be hard to notice. If many of us knew how much energy and money this wasted each year, we wouldn’t be so relaxed about leaving electrical appliances such as the TV, computer or kettle switched on when they aren’t in use. The cost alone of leaving appliances on standby amounts to between £50 and £80 each year. This is the price of a new home appliance and then some so always be sure to double check.

The same goes for leaving lights turned on throughout the day. Unless a room is being occupied, lights should never need to be on and if there is a room you use less frequently than others, consider lighting it with energy efficient bulbs instead.

Shop around

Last but not least, shop around for the best available home heating and electricity packages. If an energy provider can help you out with your energy-saving mission, it only makes sense to seek the best of the best. Don’t allow your energy-saving efforts to go to waste and compare energy suppliers until you find a deal to suit you.

Ronald Hurk works for a well known energy provider and enjoys blogging in his spare time. He often provides insights and advice for consumers looking for savings.

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