6 Celebrities Who Overcame Postnatal Depressive Disorders

Across the world, approximately 15% of women who give birth tend to develop postnatal depressive disorders, which are considered to be acute, long-term depressions that are more than just “baby blues.” Unfortunately this condition can affect anyone, rich and poor alike. Other factors that take their toll on this particular condition include increased stress, lack of sleep and fatigue.

Here, we look at 6 leading celebrities who had to tackle this disorder after their deliveries. Thanks to their frank and honest confessions, this particular disorder has received much attention from the medical fraternity and has helped more and more women to seek medical help. Unfortunately, however, the celebrities who came out in the open were dragged into controversy and were described in unflattering terms.

1. Brooke Shields In 2005, post natal depressive disorder was splashed across in the front pages of newspapers after Brooke Shields was disparagingly spoken about by Tom Cruise in an interview. During the interview, Tom Cruise criticised Brooke Shields for using antidepressants after her daughter, Rowan was born. In a candid tell all, Shields spoke out openly about her intense, sometimes self-destructive emotions that would surround her in her darkest times. She fought through the battle, survived the disorder and today helps women around her to combat after-birth effects.

2. Amanda Peet Amanda Peet confesses that she had a fairly intense postnatal depressive disorder after she gave birth to her daughter Frankie. She jokingly claims that because her pregnancy was particularly euphoric, she had to undergo postpartum depression.

3. Courteney Cox Courteney expressed her postnatal depressive disorder as a delayed case, because she did not experience a hard time after the birth of her baby but rather started experiencing symptoms six months after the delivery. She describes her experience as being really depressed, getting chest palpitations at odd hours, and encountering other mental trauma that tormented her in the months to follow. After a visit to the doctor, she discovered that her hormones were highly fluctuating and had to undergo specialised therapy to get back to normal.

4. Bryce Dallas Howard A well established and highly acclaimed actress, Howard came out with her postnatal depressive disorder in an interview. She outlines her depression as being feeling absolutely helpless during the period. Daily crying bouts, lashing out at loved ones, screaming expletives and unaccounted-for behaviour, which she had no reason for doing so. Her frank and honest account of postpartum depression has helped numerous women to come out and seek professional help for the disorder.

5. Gwyneth Paltrow In 2006, after Gwyneth delivered a baby boy– Moses– she claims in a UK interview that she was at her lowest during the time. She describes her feelings as being a robot, devoid of maternal instincts and feeling awful all the time. She also expressed her inability to connect with the baby and battled the disorder for more than three months after delivery.

6. Lisa Rinna Well-known TV actress, Lisa suffered postnatal depressive disorders after giving birth to her two daughters. In a talk with a magazine, Lisa describes how she was fearful of suicidal and murderous feelings that she was experiencing at the time. She describes getting visions of guns and knives during the period, and especially instructed her husband to get rid of all sharp objects in the house and hide away their licensed guns. She states her feelings of being extremely horrific and torturous but has since come out of it and is leading a happy life.

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