Everything you need to know about Lace Wigs

Lace wigs are an excellent solution for women that have experienced hair loss for one reason or another, although they are also worn by women that simply want a new look but without making drastic changes to their own hair. Unlike other types of wigs, these are unique, and they look and feel amazing.

Hair loss in women occurs for a number of reasons and degrees of loss vary depending on the cause. The following are the most common reasons for female hair loss, each that would benefit from lace wigs:

  •  Iron Deficiency – If a woman does not have adequate levels of iron in her system, she could lose hair, which is usually corrected with an iron supplement or iron shots.
  • Alopecia – With this, a woman typically loses all her hair, often the result of chemotherapy, another scenario in which lace wigs would be highly beneficial.
  • Low Estrogen Levels – Prior to menopause and then again after when levels of the estrogen hormone are low, hair loss is seen.
  • Thyroid Disorders – Hair loss is also associated with hypothyroidism (under active) and hyperthyroidism (over active).
  •  Pregnancy Hormonal Changes – After giving birth, a new mom will experience fluctuating levels of hormones, which can lead to one to six months of hair loss.
  • Prescription Medication – Certain types of medicine can also cause hair loss, something a woman would need to discuss with her doctor.
  • High Vitamin A Levels – Anytime vitamin A levels are too high, slight hair loss may occur, which is usually corrected with proper diet and a multivitamin.
  • Telogen Effluvium – This medical term relates to a sudden onset of hair loss, which experts believe may have something to do with surgery or stress.

Women that experience any degree of hair loss often feel frustrated and devastated, thereby turning to wearing wigs. For this, lace wigs provide a means of looking natural. Because of the appearance and comfortable fit of lace wigs, they have grown in popularity over the past several years. Women that have turned to wigs of this type agree that their level of confidence improved dramatically.


Unlike other types of wigs on the market, lace wigs are extremely easy to put on and they stay in place securely so women never have the added concern of the wig falling off unexpectedly. Unfortunately, while this type of wig has become a popular choice, often worn by many Hollywood celebrities, many people are still unaware of the lace wig.

One of the issues with wearing a lace wig on a daily basis is that the hair on the wig may start to get frizzy, matted, tangled or become dull and brittle. Care should be taken to store the wig properly between uses and it should be washed on a regular basis using a mild shampoo. Using a deep conditioning treatment like Silicon Mix is also highly recommended. Silicon Mix and other deep conditioning treatments like Crece Pelo are hair products from the Dominican Republic where the weather is hot and humid, therefore hair products are formulated to keep the frizz at bay, smooth the hair and add shine to it.

While other wig types are expensive, itchy, and they look like wigs, lace wigs are different. These wigs are affordable, they look 100% natural, they can be cut or styled according to the woman’s personal preference, and they feel great. Yes, some of the high-end lace wigs cost $15,000 or more but the majority fit within any budget.

The bottom line is that no matter the reason for needing a wig, women should consider the multitude of options specific to lace wigs, giving them back needed confidence while allowing them to look gorgeous.

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