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The Fashion Hair Storm

The Fashion Hair Storm Hair is part of the fashion trend because clothing will never be considered complete involving no hair style to pair it. Hair dressing technique is improving as well as the west has put its justifiable share of hair styles since the year 2005 currently and still, more hair stylists are coming up with better and more hip hairstyles. Hair maintenance has never only befallen the women folk but in addition the men as well and they’re catching on top of fashion in relation to the manner they make their hair. Some of the styles exhibited are listed here.


Many females, particularly the African – American or the African women discovered the western world adorn hair wigs, weaves and hair extensions. These would be either making use of the hair or head, sewn in or merely pulled on such as a hat. Color, texture and design will up to user. Caucasian women will also add hair extensions to obtain fuller and a lot more thick looking hair or wear them as part of a dressing up. Then came the cornrows craze. This mostly affected the boys as they definitely had their hair plaited into straight forward complex designs of cornrows. Ladies also had cornrows and had them accentuated with beads.

Shortly after the cornrows phase, spiky hair ad Mohawks filled the streets as people preferred to straighten and stiffen their hair into funny spikes of varied heights and color. This style was mostly linked to bikers an extreme rock fanatics it also was favorable such that even elders could be spotted with it. The African then discovered that kinky hair wasn’t so bad and consequently dropped the weaves and extensions for natural African hair look. This look was modified into different cut styles after which grown into an afro that is popular in spite of the Caucasian community. Dreadlocks previously only in Jamaica, were adopted on the fashion world. Short, long and in many cases plain just shaggy hair was also considered fashionable.

The lads were no did not get simply because they also came up with different varieties of undesired facial hair. They kept it big and bushy, they grew moustaches, a goatee was also fashionable in some unspecified time in the future and it was a disappointment for males with almost no hair on your face. Side burns also became a fad and were trimmed in every way possible based on the barber’s skills. Hair is important the in thing and also as fashion trends change so do the hairstyles.

Improve the Lifestyle to Prevent Hair Loss

To relax your state of mind and improve sleep quality will help improve hair loss conditions, in particular in daily life, you should pay attention to improving seven bad habits.


First, do not use nylon comb and brush. Nylon comb and brush is easy to produce static electricity, and bring the hair and scalp an adverse stimulus. The best is to use boxwood comb and head bristle brush, which is both to remove dandruff and increase hair shine while massaging the scalp to promote blood circulation. Second, do not use strong degreasing and alkaline shampoo. Skim strong or alkaline shampoo is easy to dry hair, causing scalp necrosis, so you should use a natural shampoo on the scalp and hair without irritating or shampoo with anti-de germinal efficacy.

Third, do not smoke, and moderate alcohol consumption. Smoking causes the scalp capillary contraction, and thus affects the normal development of hair growth. White wine, especially with hot liquor will make the scalp produce heat and moisture, causing hair loss. Beer, wine should be adequate, at least a week, you allows the liver to rest for two days. Fourth, do not suppress your emotions too much. Mental instability and daily anxiety can cause hair loss and the deeper the degree of suppressing, the faster the hair loss. Regular deep breathing, walking, relaxation gymnastics, etc., you can eliminate a day of mental fatigue. Maintain an appropriate amount of exercise, the hair will have the black luster, and will be full of vitality.

Fifth, do not often use a hair dryer and perm. Hair dryer blowing hot temperature of 100 degrees will destroy the hair tissue and damage scalps, so to avoid recurrent dry hair with dryer. Perm number of times is not too much, perm solution will have great effect on the hair, and the number will make the hair root sapped. Sixth, you should not be frequent use of air conditioning. Warm and humid wind and cold wind can become the reason of hair loss and gray hair, too dry or humid air is disadvantaged to protect the hair.

Seventh, do not wear a hat or helmet for a long time. Wearing a hat or helmet will make hair long-term airtight, which is easily to make hair bad, especially the pores muscles of hairline which is oppressed by the hat or helmet is easy to relax, causing hair loss. Therefore, it is best not to wear hats for long time. If you have to wear, you should take some ventilation measures, such as pad hollow hat lining or increase holes and so on.

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