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Have you ever had a bad hair day? Well, a lot of people suffer from a bad hair day everyday throughout their entire lives. Granted it could be derived from thousands of different causes. Some people suffer from really serious conditions that can be very difficult and sometimes nearly impossible to treat. If you are suffering from some sort of medical condition related to your hair growth, or anything else for that matter, you should always consult a medical professional. But for those of you who just have bad hair quality, lack of shine or dead looking hair, a solution for your problem might be closer than you think.

Not eating a nutritionally balanced diet starves the hair of vital nutrients.

So the reason for your hair issues can be as simple as lack of vitamins in your system. If you have poor eating habits, if you are a vegan or if you are on a certain diet that doesn’t include certain types of foods, chances are you aren’t getting enough of essential vitamins. Biotin deficiency is one of many concerns. Biotin, or more broadly speaking, B-complex vitamins, can help you restore shine and thickness to strands. Vitamin D is another vitamin that is key for great hair. If you live in a sunny place you’ll get a lot of vitamin D from the sun. But if you are living way up north where sunlight is limited, you might be suffering from a lack of vitamin D. The reason why vitamin D is important for the quality of your hair is because vitamin D plays a major part in hair follicle cycling.

Low iron levels can also make your hair dry and dull. The reason why a low iron level is bad for your hair is because iron carries oxygen to hair and promotes hair growth. Pregnant women are in the risk zone to suffer from iron deficiency. Though when you are pregnant you should always consult a physician before you engage in any kind of supplementation program. It’s common with low iron levels for pregnant women so there is no need to panic. And you don’t necessarily need to take any supplements at all to restore your iron levels. You can also eat iron rich foods such as egg yolks, chicken, spinach or lentils.

Another important component for great hair is zinc. If you eat well you probably aren’t in the risk zone of low zinc levels. But if you don’t maintain a balanced diet chances are that you are. Or if you are a heavy exerciser and consequently sweat a lot you might also have low zinc levels in your system.

There are a lot of hair vitamins out there that can have a great effect on your hair. All of the most popular brands in the hair vitamin space have the same key ingredients like iron, vitamin D, zinc and vitamin B12. If you are maintaining a well-balanced diet and you are sure that you are getting enough of these vitamins and minerals, you probably aren’t in need for any supplements. But if you have reasons to believe that you aren’t getting enough of these nutrients, you can make sure to fix the issue with hair vitamins.

Author Bio: Susan Jenkinson is a hair stylist and a licensed nail technician.

Photo Credit: Thao Trang

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