Hair Extension to extend your look

Project 365 Day 81: Hair

If you are suffering from shortening of hair length, don’t be a sadist; the solution of your problem is hair extension. You must have observed new hairstyles catch up by celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Jessica Simpson, Miley Cyrus and other fashion divas. They often catch up new hair color and style; there is no hidden secret, but it is done by virgin hair extensions. It is possibly right option to have a glee-glam look. Hairs are the beauty that adds elegance in your personality, while lacking of sleek and shine in then may harm you to lose your charm. The artificial or natural hairs are incorporated; collected from various mediums.

Besides, adding beauty to your hair it is used for protection of them as well. It is now possible to lift up your personality by acquiring a desired modish look. It is not only popular among celebrities of big and small screen but is greatly popular in the girls; to look marvelous. The basic desire fulfilled by these follicle strands is to lengthening up your hair. Every girl dreams to have long thick and shiny hair for an absolute persona. For limp hair they are also utilized as to thicken the hair. The transformation of extension is not permanent but can be replaced by new ones or latest ones. They are incorporated in various means; glued in, braided in, clipped in a woven in. you can also trey these extensions for a special event or wedding of your life. The process of clipping hair is painless, so don’t get upset about that.

The hair extensions are of different sizes and grade, and are easily available in cosmetic shops, super markets and web bazar. The prices of them are relatively high and they may range from hundreds to thousands depending on the quality of it. It ranges from hundreds to thousands of dollars, and this price does not include the insertion process for sure!!! You need to invest money and time as well to get or buy hair extensions. After purchasing them, the next step is to consult an appropriate hair designer; an expert of hair extension. However, if you are expert enough you can also do it, but is a difficult one to handle. The hair dresser should be experienced and you have to ask about former customer’s picture evidence.

The extension can be composed of human hair or synthetic materials. It is good to know that human based extensions are more expensive as compare to synthetic ones. Thermoplastique is a mild process to remove or add extensions without harming your natural hair. Human hairs are more viable as they can be ironed, curled and straightened, while synthetic hair extensions cannot undergo pre mentioned processes. Hair stylists say that you can vary length and color of these strands according to your style desire and need. The color ranges from red, black, brow (various shades, hazel. red, purple and blonde. They establish a new and modern look.

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