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Hallyu or the Korean Wave has swept most of the Asian countries and now is spreading across America, Africa and Middle East. Hallyu refers to the Korean pop culture of drama, music and movies. Korean art, culture, and music have become popular among youngsters. Korean pop music which is an eclectic mix of pop ballad, hip hop, rock and blues combines modern forms of music with dance. Upbeat pop music and synchronized choreography by the idol groups have won people’s hearts all over the world. The idol groups have not only gained attention in the world of pop music, but they have also influenced the world of fashion. Similarly, Korean movie stars and actors have also created massive fan base, who spend a huge amount of money to imitate their looks and style.


Fresh and innocent School Girl Look

K-pop has initiated many popular fashion trends and inspired new styles during the past decade. School girl look inspired by the k-drama such as Playful Kiss is one of them. The school girl look sports flirty yet innocent image using some cute ensemble. You can easily achieve this look in a short skirt, loose top and a cute pair of sneakers. A box pleated short black skirt paired with a pointed collar full sleeve white blouse and black leather shoes with ankle straps gives a perfect school girl look. Accessorize the outfit with a studded black leather shoulder bag. Stud earrings and bracelet watch can complete the look.


Mellow and Romantic Look

Another k-pop inspired fashion trend is mellow romantic look. You can portray the fresh and romantic image in adorable mini dresses. You can also dress up in a flowing maxi dress or high low summer dress. Soft pastel colors can highlight your feminine and flirty image. An off shoulder bohemian style dress gives the ultimate edge to your passionate look. High-heeled sandals or pumps look stylish with mini dress. Accessorize the look with a matching handbag and delicate light jewelry. A maxi dress in soft pastel color looks chic with pearl jewelry and natural looking makeup. High-heeled sandals and embellished clutch complete the look.



Fierce and Edgy Look with Extreme Styles

Recently, k-pop stars have embraced some extreme styles in fashion that are fierce and edgy. They do not hesitate to experiment with bold colors, prints and different textures. South Korean girls groups such as 2NE1 have strayed away from the cute aegyo style and adopted daring and edgy looks. You can spot them wearing luxurious brands such as Prada, Givenchy, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Chrome Hearts etc. 2NE1 girls group in collaboration with well known street fashion designer Jeremy Scott is the trend setter in sporting ultra fashionable look.


Look Fashion Forward and Be the Center of Attention

You can also don fashion forward look by experimenting with bold colors and quirky prints. Do not hesitate to mix and match various textures such as faux fur, mash, chunky knit, lace and silk in creative ways. Combine ethnic designs with modern looks. Use animal prints, geometric prints or stripes to create an eclectic look. Embellished jackets and brightly colored sneakers are totally in. Bold and eccentric make up and out of this world hair style can complete the look.


Get inspired by the trendy and fierce fashion trends set by the k-pop artists and wear them with confidence. Try something new every day this season and feel special.

Asian street style fashion, influenced by various cultures and regional and global trends, is spontaneous and charming. Preeti likes to observe this vast arena of glamor, style and beauty. She is also recently introduced to the Kpop, Jpop, anime and Asian drama. She is fascinated by the versatility of the Asian pop culture.

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