Street Wear As A 2014 Winter Trend

From the streets of Paris to the cafes of Milan, there are certain trends that transcend the globe. Others, however, are unique in their appeal to a particular niche market within a country or within an overall culture of people that may live within different borders but retain a sense of authenticity and cohesion. One of the biggest trends this season has a unique reach in appealing to both the aforementioned demographics. From the Asian fashion markets, there are several different trends to be on the pages of fashion magazines this season. One, however, stands out above the rest. Known as street wear, this style trend is sure to be appealing to both men and women alike throughout Asia and across the globe.


Thought Behind the Trend

Before delving deeper into the details regarding the street wear trend for this winter, it is important to understand the overall philosophy behind it. The street wear trend speaks to an overall approach to life that is cool and casual. The lines are slim and narrow, fitting close to the body, and creating an outline that embraces the slender style of rockers of the olden days and an almost punk approach. Patterns tend to stay on the simple yet classic like plaids and polka dots. The color palette is rooted in the grays and blacks that embrace and focus on creating the foundation for other statement making pieces. This, in a nutshell, is what the 2014 winter street wear trend is all about.


Accessories are a common additive to an outfit in this street wear winter trend. Pieces like hats that sit high atop the head and harken back to a 1950s American movie are common and classic additions. Often found in neutral and foundational hues, these are a great addition to an outfit because they create an overall look that is complete but not bogged down in clashing colors. Other accessories include a casual shoe like a classic tennis shoe with a flat sole and in a bright red or eye-catching color. It is also crucial that an individual wanting to pull off this style be sure to grab their favorite pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses in a round frame are the most popular and stick with the trend of the season, though those with pointed ends may also be accepted depending on the look of the outfit itself and how it fits in.


As aforementioned, the style of street wear is slim and narrowed, though not tailored. Tight jeans or bottom pieces are common in both men and women. For females, though, skirts can be added though they should not be formal. Rather, they should err on the edge of casual being paired with a flat or tennis shoe. Both men and women, however, will find that the slender lines of the bottom portion can be off set by a casual top that blouses as well. While some street wear aficionados opt for a slender look overall, most create a baggier top with a slightly tailored bottom.

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