On Trend: Men’s Hairstyles 2014

Men's Hairstyle 2014

Whether you’re going for that refined suited and booted look or want to look casually coiffed for your summer plans over the next few months, your hairstyle is a great place to start. Making a good impression counts, be it at a business meeting or a first date, so choosing a trend that will work with your style is important. To help you figure out the right hairstyle for your, let’s take a look at some of the hottest trends that are leading the way in men’s hair for summer 2014.

Men’s Haircuts
When you ask for a ‘short back and sides’ this summer, talk over the style you want to create with your barber. Keeping your cut long on the top gives you plenty of opportunity to work the season’s trend. From volume-heavy quiffs and undercuts to sleek smoothed-over side partings, you can do no wrong with a long lid of hair on top this summer. Your barber will be able to work the cut so that you can easily create the daily look, so try to decide what you’re going for before you visit the salon.??If you’ve got thick hair that’s a bit longer, you might want to think about growing it this summer. We’re not taking luscious lady-like locks, just that short surf bob that’s incredibly easy to manage and looks effortlessly cool. Your stylist can put some shape and, if necessary, layers into your hair to give it some body and direction for growth. And the great thing about longer hair is that if you’ve got a summer full of plans then you won’t need to worry about maintaining your cut every few weeks.

Facial Hair
A strong effort on the facial hair front has become almost as important as the haircut for 2014, as beards and stubble have made their mark on the fashion scene. Having said this, there’s more to rocking facial hair than just letting your stubble do its thing. Styling your facial hair will make all the difference between looking smooth and unshaven. ??If you’re going for stubble, shaping it into a subtle beard, goatee or shadow gradient will make sure it looks neat and tidy rather than unkempt. Where beards are concerned, you should decide on the style you want before you grow it, and it’s a good idea to visit a salon on your first shave to encourage it into something smooth and manageable. Some fabulous big beards knocking about – be brave it might just suit you.
Men’s haircuts have gone from a monthly necessity to a must-have way to complete your look in SS14. From the sleek Wolf of Wall Street look to the festival-ready cuts that can easily be recovered when you’re on the move, there’s plenty of ways to make these styles your own. If you can’t settle on a hair or facial trend, your barber will be able to suggest the best cut for your face shape and give you some ideas on how to work this summer’s key looks.

Article by Kelly Gilmour-Grassam who is loving the beard trend and often writes for RM-UK.

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