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Avoiding Stress Over Losing Your Car Keys

Our normal lives are already filled with stress.  Paying the bills, seeing the parents during holidays and work are all classic stressors.  These stressors are good because as much as we hate it, this kind of being stressed motivates us to accomplish things.  There is however another kind of stress, bad stress, the one that comes when you are overwhelmed by all the things on your to do list.

This stress often comes when unexpected bills pop up such as having to call a car locksmith.  While it is stressful knowing you have an extra bill to pay, it is arguably more stressful to not deal with the problem.  Since, it is often necessary to call a car locksmith when you lose your keys, here are a few ways you can reduce your stress and be back on the road fast.


Review your steps

First, make sure you have actually lost your car keys.  There is no worse feeling than calling a car locksmith only to find them 20 minutes later.  So retrace your steps since the last time you were in your car, check the clothing you were wearing, even in the laundry if necessary.

Get a hold of anyone else that lives in your house and ask if they have seen your keys or if they can help you retrace your steps.  Often people forget a small change to their routine, something they did and that is where the keys end up being.

Call Promptly

If you are certain after checking everywhere that you have lost your car keys then it is better to call someone right away to reduce the time you can spend worrying about it.  If you have lost your car keys, the need to call a car locksmith is not going away and waiting to do so will only prolong the amount of time you are stressed for.  Get it taken care of!

Don’t Wait by the Window

Once you’ve called someone there is no sense waiting outside, inside by the window, by the car or anywhere else for him or her to come.  Call work, do the dishes, clean a room, fold laundry, or do anything else that preoccupies your hands if not your mind, as they say, a watched pot takes forever to boil!  Ideally you should try to occupy your mind as well while you wait.

However, it’s perfectly natural to feel stress over this situation so if you can’t detach from it at least try to do something productive that you need to do anyway.

In the end it may be impossible to not stress about losing your car keys.  The idea behind doing these three things if you lose your car keys is that by having an action plan you have a way to use your nervous energy to fix the problem.

One of the most stressful things is not having a plan in an emergency and you will end up panicking.  Whether you decide to utilize this plan or another, having any kind of plan will help you feel more in control of the situation.

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  1. Many times losing your car keys can be the obvious consequence of being too caught up on daily life’s stress, your mind is running so much you don’t even know where you left them!. Great post!

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