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Best Forms of Design Inlays in Tungsten Wedding Bands for Men

Wedding bands vary in shape and design and this is a determining factor for many grooms looking for the right wedding band. Tungsten wedding bands are becoming a good choice for many people because of their durability and lustrous color.

Designs for Tungsten wedding bands vary, but these are some of the best design options:

Wood Inlay Tungsten bands

Forget the bland designs your friends wore for their weddings. Lustrous silver or black tungsten wedding bands with a wood inlay speak of class and a refined taste.

Ash wood, teak and mahogany are some of the wood inlays used in these tungsten rings, and you can be sure of the most exquisite wedding band on and after your wedding day. Polished and beveled edges only add to the design of the wedding band.


Carbon Inlay Tungsten wedding bands

Use of carbon inlays in wedding bands has been a common industry design for wedding bands. Carbon not only makes the wedding band more interesting, but also makes the ring lighter. This is the reason why these inlays are also used in airplanes and racing car tires.

The carbon fiber can be entrapped in the tungsten ring in varying colors. The tungsten edges are then polished and beautifully smoothened. This makes them unique and different.

Braided Inlays for tungsten wedding bands

Silver, palladium and gold can be braided and added to the tungsten wedding band. The look is different from the normal wedding bands. Don’t be surprised if your unmarried friends bug you for details about the wedding band you wore on your wedding.

The inlaying metals are literally braided then added to the midsection of the lustrous tungsten band. The band attains a remarkable glam, and your bride may get jealous if you don’t get her a matching or even better band.

Camo Inlay

For your love of the nation and undying service to the country, you might consider having a wedding band with a camouflage design as the inlay. The outcome is absolutely beautiful, with a perfect expression of your views and individuality.Wedding-Bands-for-Men

The camo inlay can be made in any color or artistic fashion you desire. You can find one for the jungle, desert or the sea if you are a marine. Tungsten wedding bands for men have been made with your personality and preference in mind. As a result, you will always find a perfect band for you.

Palladium inlays for Tungsten wedding bands

A lot can be done to an original tungsten rings, and having palladium as an inlay is one of these great improvements that can be done to the wedding band.

The palladium inlay almost matches the tungsten wedding ring and you will not have to worry about different colors on your ring during a board meeting or a presentation for the biggest deal of your life.

Gold Inlays

If you prefer a little color on your tungsten wedding band, then this is the ultimate solution. Gold is an expensive piece of metal, and so is tungsten. Adding the two will add value to your ring and show that you love quality. 18k gold can be added to the tungsten as an inlay to enhance the appearance of the ring.

Inlays are a perfect way to add allure and excitement to your wedding band. Gone are the days of boring silver wedding bands. Most men shy off wedding bands and jewelry, but this is a simple and exquisite way to don a ring that speaks for you.

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Jerome Styles is a ring designer and has shifted to revolutionizing tungsten wedding bands for men to capture their souls and make them look great during and after the wedding. Visit his website for more on ring inlays and have a customized wedding band for you and your fiancé.

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