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Tips for Planning the Perfect New Year’s Wedding

Christmas weddings are becoming more popular, but New Years can be celebrated with a new life with your loved one. The best part of getting married on New Year’s Eve is there will already be fireworks, celebrating, and toasting. However, planning holiday weddings take a little more preparation and challenges that will be encountered include competing with other parties. Here are some of top tips to planning a perfect wedding during the New Year’s Eve holiday.


Book the Venue Early

When it comes to looking for wedding venues in London you want to make sure that you book well in advance. Many locations will close over the holidays, and those that do not want to book for parties. While you may be able to book churches at the last minute, you may find yourself stressing if you want a popular spot for your wedding. Take the time to talk to your partner to see what they are wanting, and then make sure you put a monetary deposit down so your spot is reserved for your special day.

Inform the Guests Early

Just as important as it is to book the venue early, you want to make sure you let your guests know well in advance that you plan to wed on a holiday. People like to plan parties or attend pre-planned celebrations, so you want to make sure that your wedding is on the calendar before others. It is best if you send your “save the date” card (with a magnet for the fridge) roughly nine months before your wedding. It is best if you let them know with the card where the wedding will be held so hotel rooms can be booked early. This will prevent any last minute stresses.

Consider the Timing

Since New Year’s Eve parties last until midnight, you want to make sure that you give people time to be comfortable and rested. It is often ideal to have the wedding in the evening so guests can rest during the day. After the wedding, hold the reception with the knowledge that the guests will be able to party past midnight and stay overnight. This does mean that a reception in a hotel ballroom is often ideal so guests can simply go up to their room and not worry about designated drivers.

Make it Worth It

You want to keep to your style with the reception, but you want to make sure that your celebration is worth the declining of other events. Plan your budget accordingly so a majority of the money can go towards the receptions food, drinks, and music. Always make sure that you leave enough champagne for everyone to get a glass free of charge at midnight to toast into the new year. This is when having a wedding planner is ideal because they will help you create a great budget and meet the demands of the guests.

However, with that said, you want to make sure that you are comfortable at your reception. You want your wedding to be yours, so if you are not comfortable with celebrating with traditional silver and/or gold, or serving champagne, do not feel pressured to. The wedding planner will help you plan a party of high calibre, but still keep it all about you.

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