How To Inject Great Wedding Songs And Music Without Blowing Your Budget?


A wedding without music seems incomplete, probably because we have been singing and dancing at weddings throughout history. While the decision to have music at your wedding is a no-brainer today there is an array of options to choose from. By far the best is to have a great band play at your wedding but bands will charge you several hundred dollars for just a few hours’ worth of performance. There are cheaper bands but those will probably just be a waste of money. It goes without saying that if you’re going to hire a band to play wedding songs always hire the best.

Hire a DJ

DJs are a lot cheaper than having to hire a band. The other upside to hiring a DJ is that they will bring along lighting and sound equipment. They will set everything up so you do not have to worry about getting spot lights, disco lights and laser lights etc. Hiring a DJ can be up to 30% cheaper as compared to a band but then again there are good DJs and great DJs. Expect to pay a great DJ around 50% or half of what you’d pay a good band to play at your wedding.

The only downside to DJs is that they rarely take requests. You’ll also have to do a bit of research to find one that will play wedding songs that your guests will like. Bear in mind the fact that if the majority of people at your wedding are older than 45, you’re better off hiring a DJ that has experience playing for this audience.


Hire a Jukebox

Now, if you’re on a really slim budget you may want to hire a jukebox for the duration of your celebrations. However, you need to find a jukebox that is loaded with mostly wedding songs and soft music. This can be a challenge since many jukeboxes carry a mixed bag of music and it’s up to the person operating the machine to select what he or she wants to hear. Adding a jukebox to your wedding celebrations can possibly add a kind of irregularity to the celebration. Searching for a jukebox that mostly contains the music you want can be challenging and requires lots of research. That said it’s not a bad option for around $300.

Setup Karaoke equipment

Even though the singing should be left up to the professionals there are some wedding songs that can be sung by everyone provided that the music is familiar and lyrics delivered on a screen. A Karaoke system is a great idea especially if you want the wedding songs to double as a wedding activity. The system is cheap to hire and most people will find that signing along is a lot more fun than listening to music only. The genres can be changed at the flip of a button and almost anyone can try their hand at singing popular tunes, with the applause or boos providing the required feedback.

Playing music from an iPod

This too is an option if you cannot spend more than just two or three hundred dollars on wedding music. Unlike what most people may think this is an excellent option often used at high profile weddings. Simply load you iPod with all the classic and latest wedding songs, hire professional sound and amplification equipment with lighting. The equipment hire company will send over a professional who will setup everything from the lights to the music equipment and then all you have to do is to hook up your iPod to the amplifier and let the music play. The beauty of this idea is that everyone can enjoy professional quality music delivered via a professional sound system. If the sound system is good it would be like being at a concert. Modern Weddings recommend that people pre-book the sound and light equipment at least six months in advance especially if they are getting married during the wedding season.

Wedding songs are an integral part of any wedding celebration. However, you shouldn’t go overboard and blow your entire budget on music. Many people leave it for the last movement which too is not a good idea. Draft a budget in advance and plan on what idea will work best for your event accordingly.

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