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How To Choose The Best Wedding DJ For Your Big Day

So you are planning to tie the knot with your significant other? A big congratulations to you! Of course, with all of the excitement and joy comes a whole lot of planning! There’s the bridal attire, the venue, the food, the flowers; oh. yes, we could go on all day! However, in starting your wedding plans it is easy to get so caught up with the typical wedding needs that you may not give enough thought to one crucial element of your big day; the music!

Let’s face it, your guests will love to see the bride float down the aisle in her carefully chosen dress, they will enjoy a lavish venue that oozes romance and they will likely admire the pretty flowers and bouquets that you select, but are they the things that make the most lasting impression on their minds? Likely not. After all, for most people, what makes a wedding great is an amazing reception! That’s right, it’s the comments the day after that sound something like, ‘oh my, I have never danced so much in my entire life’, that is the true hallmark of an amazing wedding day!


With that in mind, how can you choose the best wedding DJ for your big day? I would recommend but the choice is totally up to you. We hope that the following plan will help.

Step 1 – Think About Your Guests

Do not fall into the trap of simply choosing a DJ that you think plays great music. This means that whilst the music may be right up your street, it may not be to the taste of your guests. We know that you want to enjoy a good dance at your own wedding, but do you really want to be the only one on the dance floor?

Take the time to think about all of the guests that you have coming to the wedding. What are the age groups? The thing about weddings is that there tends to be a wide selection of ages, from young children to even the very elderly.

It may be useful to sit down with a pen and paper and make a few columns to reflect age groups. Once you have listed each of your guests under one of the categories you will be able to see which age groups most of your guests fit into. This fact will prove useful when making your choice.

Step 2- Think About Who Would Be On The Dance Floor

Once you know the categories that come up tops it’s time to think about your actual guests and who would be the disco divas. After all, they do deserve to have a few songs on that they would love! If there is quite a high number of elderly people that you know will stay in the evening it may be a good idea to consider a selection of music that they would enjoy, even at the start of the night.

Step 3 – Make A Shortlist Of Great DJs

Now that you have an idea of the type of music you want to be played at your wedding it is time to find an amazing DJ to fulfil your wishes. One of the best ways to find a great DJ is to ask around for recommendations. You may have been to a recent wedding where the DJ was incredible, this would be a good place to start. If not ask around among your friends, work colleagues, and so forth. You will likely be surprised at how many recommendations come rolling in.

Once you have a shortlist of names it is time to really do your homework, as we will see in the next step.

Step 4 – Scrutinize The Shortlist

Next, it is time to really get to know each DJ, before even contacting them! Thanks to our worldwide web, coupled with fact that everyone seems to love posting things online these days, it is easy to get your eyes on some footage of DJs and their recent events. They often have their own page or social media pages where you can watch their finest moments, however, you may also find that videos from less biased sources are also useful. We also live in a world where people love to give their opinion on the services that they receive. This means that you may also be able to read reviews from recent newlyweds who used a certain DJ for their special day. Of course, there will always be people who are impossible to please so don’t be immediately put off if you read one negative remark about a DJ that is on your shortlist, however, if those negative remarks seem to crop up time and time again it may be time to strike them off your list.


Step 5 – Go With Your Gut

At this point, you should have whittled your list down to a few amazing choices. Now it is time to make contact with the DJs and get a feel for the type of person each one is. Explain your needs and tell them about how you envision your reception to go. If they seem to get excited at the prospect and are giving you new ideas of music or ways to get the dance floor filled, they could be a great choice. If you talk to a DJ and have the feeling that you will simply be another number on their list, you should steer well clear.

The Bottom Line On Choosing Ther Best Wedding DJ For Your Big Day

You will only get to have your big day once (at least that is the plan, right!) so take your time during the planning stages so that everything is just as you have been dreaming about. Remember, the music that is played at your wedding will play a significant role in how much you, and your guests, enjoy the day, as well as the memories that everyone will have. Make sure they have all their equipment wired up correctly by a professional electrician to prevent any accidents. By following our five steps above we hope that you will be well on your way to nailing your decision of wedding DJ for your big day.

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