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Some Unique Ways To Celebrate Your Wedding

The wedding is an event that every bride wants to keep them unforgettable. You can provide various personal touches and unique ways for celebrating this special event. Try to pour in some magical touches which can make the day completely different from the other days of your life. Here are some unique ways by which you can celebrate your wedding.


First Look With Balloon Release:  When the bride and groom are ready for their first look, they can try releasing a bunch of balloons from their own hands. They will hold the balloon when they are heading for the first look and will release them when its time. So, as soon as they release the balloons, they will get to see their would-be spouse at that very moment.

Display The Relation Of The Bride With All The Bridesmaids:  This will surely be a fun activity to display the relationship of the bride with the bridesmaid. The entire bridesmaid may hold signs that tell where she first met with the bride or their special bond. Never miss to take a picture of this moment, where you can look back afterwards.

Decor With Personal Touches:  You can arrange the wedding decor with the personal touches. You can use old family photos and can add creative couple collage photos. If you love music, you can book singers for weddings and make the songs recorded in your wedding video album.

Creative Cab Information To Guests:  This can provide usefulness to the guests from a very practical point of view. You can mention some quotes for avoiding the drinking and driving. The cab information with the phone numbers will help your guests to relax and not to worry about unsafe situations to their way back home.


Wedding Pictures Including Messages: If anyone of your relative could not make it up to your wedding, you can dedicate a message to him/her with your wedding pictures. Though they could not attend, the heartfelt message from you will make them feel special.

Drink Kits As Souvenirs: You can provide small takeaway boxes for your guests. A single drink kit can be a fun way to thank your guests.

Create Book With Wedding Cards: Have you received tons of wedding cards and do not want them to throw away? You can create a fun book with those wedding cards. Simply punch the cards and place the binder rings through them to make beautiful book with all your wedding cards.

Photos With Countdown Signs: Before your wedding, you may have attended events or gatherings. Take pictures with signs where it displays the actual number of days left for your wedding.

And for your curious guests who are willing to know the bridal party, you can make up a card with the entire wedding programs and provide a short bio of the entire bridal party with the parents of the bride as well as the groom. This can introduce the party to the guests and can honor them simultaneously. Whatever you arrange, make sure that you are putting some personal touches on them.

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William Marvin is a wedding planner who is providing some unique ideas for celebrating your wedding. For more information, you can visit http://magnifique.in/

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  1. Appreciated,interesting read. I like the idea of creating a fun book with wedding cards.

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