Best Orange County Attractions

Orange County

Orange County is famous for its picturesque coastline and enviable climate. It mixes an upscale flair with the casual lifestyle of California. This county is home to various beach communities that have their own unique personalities and it boasts of major tourist attractions. If you are planning to go for a romantic getaway with your partner or take a vacation to Orange County, you can enjoy the following attractions throughout the year.

1. Anaheim’s Angel Stadium

Baseball greats such as Reggie Jackson and Rod Carew paved the way for the current generation of Angels after playing in this field and using their heroics to wow fans. The NFL Rams shared Angel Stadium until 1995. However, the Angels became the only residents after they went to St. Louis. The entire structure got a face-lift complete with multiple restaurants, kid’s and family zones, and terraced bullpens thanks to a massive renovation project. The Angels hold free night concerts every Friday in the Music Garden before they start playing to celebrate summer. You can conveniently access the freeway from the stadium.

2. Disneyland Resort

This famous theme park boasts of thrilling shows, enticing games, and breathtaking rides. In fact, it offers a lot of fun for your whole family because it has eight “lands” that are individually themed. You can explore Mickey’s Toontown that has zany shenanigans, the outdoors of Frontierland by Tom Sawyer Island’s Pirate Lair, and Tomorrowland’s futuristic adventure. All sections of the park have restaurants, rides, shops, and shows. You could easily stay at the Disneyland Park for many days without doing the same things two times consecutively. However, you should not miss it even if you have a day.

3. Crystal Cathedral

Crystal Cathedral, which was designed in a 4-pointed star shape, is an impressive sight. This strikingly beautiful structure comprises of over 10,000 panes of glass, and the members of the church are over 10,000. Guest speakers who range from actors such as Arnold Schwarzenegger to professional athletes and millions of tourists from all parts of the world visit the congregation each Sunday.

4. Catalina Island

You should go to Catalina Island if you want to escape from things. You can access this island via a boat ride that takes one hour because it is only 22 miles from the shore. The charming community of Catalina Island is carefree and relaxed, and you will enjoy the vibe while browsing local boutiques and shops, playing a round of golf, or simply frolicking in the ocean. In fact, this island offers plenty for you to do, regardless of your budget or interest. You can stay there for one weekend, or make a day of it. Catalina Island is the most appealing attraction in Orange County because it has a lot of leisure activities and balmy weather.

The aforementioned attractions make Orange County the perfect place for you to travel to during your upcoming holiday. You should therefore engage a reliable Esta Visa application service today so that you can go there as soon as possible and have a holiday experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

By: Scott Archer

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