Best SARMs For Building Muscle and Shredding Fat!

If you’ve ever heard of SARMs before, you know that they’re not only extremely powerful, but extremely safe. Using just one or two SARMs, users can expect to put on a whopping 20-30 pounds of muscle, and lose 10-20 pounds of fat, in just 2-3 months.

…but just what are the best SARMs, though? There’s been a lot of debate over this lately, with everyone claiming they’re experts at SARMs now, but this isn’t the case.

According to the research, there’s really only two SARMs that are the most powerful:

1. RAD 140 (Testolone)
2. Ostarine (MK-2866)

Of course, there’s other SARMs like Ligandrol, Cardarine, MK-2877, and more, but in my experience, only Ostarine and Testolone stand a chance at being the best SARMs.

RAD 140 (Testolone)
Testolone, otherwise known as RAD 140, is by far the strongest SARM on the market. It’s got a whopping anabolic to androgenic ratio of 90:1 which is absolutely incredible.

This means that its anabolic effects are 90x stronger than the androgenic effects. To put this in layman’s terms, it’s 90% as effective as pure testosterone, and only has 1% of the side effects.


In fact, not only is RAD 140 extremely powerful when it comes to building muscle, but it’s also got a ton of other benefits.

Take for example a recent study conducted by the Davis School of Gerontology (A.J., A.C., R.S.V., C.J.P.) and Neuroscience Graduate Program, which found that RAD 140 was neuroprotective in test subjects:

“We found that 24 hours’ exposure to Aβ decreased the number of viable neurons by approximately 50%, as compared to vehicle treatment. Consistent with previous observations (47), treatment with T and DHT beginning 1 hour prior to Aβ significantly reduced cell death (Figure 1, A and B). In comparison, treatment of cultures with increasing doses of RAD140 (Figure 1C) or the related SARM RAD192 (Figure 1D) provided similar levels of neuroprotection. The minimum effective concentration of both SARMs was 30 nM whereas T and DHT yielded significant protection at 10 nM.”

That’s pretty incredible, no? A ton of studies have shown the efficacy of RAD 140, Ostarine, and other SARMs, but let’s take a look at some of the results.

RAD 140 Results

If you take a look at the picture above, you’ll see my RAD 140 results from a recent cycle. I was able to put on a whopping 21 pounds of muscle, and lose 12 pounds of fat, in just 60 small days.

That’s pretty impressive, no? Like I said, RAD 140 is the strongest SARM in existence, and it’s by far the most powerful SARM when it comes to building muscle and gaining strength.

For this cycle I took 30mg/day for 60 days straight, and I noticed benefits almost immediately.

Within just 48 hours, I felt stronger, faster, had more energy, and had way more libido – I also had slight euphoria and felt way better overall.

Ostarine (MK-2866)
MK-2866, more commonly known as Ostarine, is another one of the strongest SARMs on the planet. Using just a little bit of this stuff, you can easily blast through your personal records.

The great thing about Ostarine is there’s so much scientific research backing it. Take a look at this study conducted by the Boston Medical University School of Medicine, for example:

“The last decade has witnessed unprecedented discovery effort to develop selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) that improve physical function and bone health without adversely affecting the prostate and cardiovascular outcomes. This review describes the historical evolution, the rationale for SARM development, and the mechanisms of testosterone action and SARM selectivity.”

In their own words, SARMs are an “unprecedented discovery” to help users improve physical function and bone density, without causing traditional side effects associated with steroids.

Another study found that Ostarine was highly effective at helping users build muscle:

“Results: Ostarine treatment resulted in a dose dependent increase in total LBM, with an increase of 1.4 kg compared to placebo (p<0.001) at the 3 mg dose. Increased LBM translated to an improvement in the stair climb test in both speed (+15.5% ± 12.9 faster time, p=0.006) and power (+25.5% ± 20.3 watts, p=0.005). There were no serious adverse events reported. There were no significant changes in PSA, sebum production or luteinizing hormone.”

“Conclusions: Ostarine improves LBM and physical performance in healthy older men and women. Ostarine had no unwanted androgenic side effects. A phase II study is planned to evaluate the safety and efficacy of ostarine in patients with cancer cachexia.”

When it comes down to it, Ostarine is one of the best SARMs for building muscle and increasing lean body mass, and it’s also one of the safest and well-researched SARMs, too.

Ostarine Results

Take a look at the images above. That’s a shot of my before and after results from a 90-day cycle on Ostarine, Cardarine, and Ligandrol.

In this cycle, I put on 18 pounds of lean muscle mass, and lost 7 pounds of fat. Not bad, huh?

Most users can only get results like this from using steroids such as Testosterone Enanthate or Trenbolone Acetate, but with SARMs, it’s entirely possible.

Using SARMs like Ostarine, you can expect to put on 10-20 pounds of muscle in just 2-3 months, and you can do so without any of the traditional side effects of steroids, such as:

• Gynecomastia
• Testosterone Suppression
• Enlarged Heart Muscles
• Liver Toxicity
• Severe Acne

With SARMs, there’s very few side effects, thanks to their selective nature… so when it comes down to it, SARMs such as Ostarine and RAD 140 are the way to go!

Where to Buy SARMs Online
Now that we’re shown what the top two strongest SARMs on the market are, let’s talk a second about where to buy SARMs.

Unfortunately, most SARMs for sale online are scams. In fact, a recent study found that out of numerous SARMs companies, only 52% actually sold what they were claiming to sell:

“Chemical analyses of 44 products sold via the internet as selective androgen receptor modulators revealed that only 52% contained selective androgen receptor modulators and another 39% contained another unapproved drug. In addition, 25% of products contained substances not listed on the label, 9% did not contain an active substance, and 59% contained substance amounts that differed from the label.”

Most companies are frauds and should be investigated by the FDA. When you’re looking for a good SARMs source, you want all three of the following items to check off:

1. Good Before and After Pictures
2. Lots of Testimonials/Reviews
3. Third Party Laboratory Verification

Proven Peptides, my #1 SARMs source on the planet, has all three of these things. All of the before/after pictures I posted above (of me) are from SARMs purchased from them.


They’ve got tons of great testimonials, good reviews, and best of all, third party laboratory verification. This means that an independent lab tests their SARMs, so you know they’re legit.

In fact, Proven Peptides tests every batch of their SARMs, and they consistently come back as being at least 97% pure, with the other 3% just being preservatives to keep the SARMs fresh.

The bottom line is that most SARMs companies are scammers, but if you do your research, pay attention, and make good decisions, you can get great SARMs for a great price.

Best SARMs: The Bottom Line
As I said before, in my humble opinion, RAD 140 and Ostarine are the two strongest SARMs on the market… and I’ve got the results to show it.

If you want to do what’s called a “SARMs stack,” you can actually combine the two on a single cycle and get some pretty incredible results.

Just from taking 30mg of RAD 140 for 60 days, I put on a whopping 21 pounds of muscle and lost 12 pounds of fat. If I put Ostarine into the mix? The results would be ungodly.

Always be sure to consult with a licensed medical practitioner before trying any new workout supplements or routines.

…but the bottom line is this. While more research needs to be done on the long term effects of SARMs, all of the preliminary research agrees: SARMs work, and they’re 100% legit.


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