Buy Or Rent A Water Cooler For The Office?

Water Cooler

Keeping your workers hydrated with a fresh supply of cool water will not only be healthy for their body and mind, but can really enhance office productivity by making them more alert and energetic. This is why it is important to have a water cooler installed in your office; apart from providing them with an excellent source of water, it is also beneficial for social reasons too! It will allow them to converse with each other which can lead to better relationships. But should you buy or rent a water cooler? Below we have highlighted the pros and cons of renting or buying one.


When you rent a water cooler, you are generally renting a bottled system. In most cases, the unit will be free and weekly or monthly rental fees may cover the cost of the water bottles, cups insurance and maintenance fees. Some coolers do require installation, so you may need to check this when deciding to rent. This is also beneficial as some companies do install the coolers themselves, which means you will not require the services of an engineer to install the unit. You can also lease a water cooler for 3-5 years with an agreement that can include biannual servicing. The service will include ensuring the water cooler is sanitised with regular cleaning and maintenance to make sure you do not have to worry. This is considered a cheaper option than buying, as you avoid having to pay an upfront fee.


Buying a water cooler unit, as previously mentioned, will require an upfront fee , however, this will mean that it will indefinitely be owned by you and you will not be required to pay any monthly fees. You can purchase units that will not need a water bottle and will have to be installed somewhere in your office. Most companies provide guidance on maintenance, supply filters and sanitisation fluids if required. Units can also come with a guarantee period of up to 1 year after purchasing, which covers the unit if it is faulty. It is advised to ask a supplier to ensure that they can provide this service.

In conclusion, renting a water cooler is considered beneficial to test using it if you have never had one before. It is a cheaper option as you will not have to commit buying or leasing the unit for several years with all the maintenance fees covered. Suppliers will provide customers with the option of bottled or plumbed water if they are purchasing a unit, with plumbed water coming with installed filtration systems that receive regular maintenance. As both renting and buying have advantages and disadvantages, it comes down to which option will suit your needs. Finances need to be considered when it comes to renting, i.e. whether you can afford it each month or just pay an upfront fee and purchase a unit. For more advice on water coolers, specialists online can help you find the unit that will most suit your needs and provide clean, refreshing water for your office workers.

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