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Amsterdam: TOP 8 places you had no idea about!

Amsterdam, or Northern Venice, is a city of channels and bridges, elegant architecture and flowers. Perhaps, this is the brightest European capital, which combines ancient traditions and modern morals. There are many interesting places in Amsterdam, but firstly, you should visit the most unusual of them that cannot be easily […]


Best things to do in Dubai with kids

Dubai is known for its lavishness, luxury shopping, and prosperity. It attracts tourists from all over the world for its ultramodern architecture, nightlife, desert safari, and for a splurge. However, lesser is known about its being an ideal tourist destination for children. It has beaches, theme parks and water parks, […]


10 places to see in Mauritius

If you just Google Mauritius Places of interest, you will have hundreds of results of places to see and things to do in Mauritius. This is great for the adventurer and the traveler but not that much for the first time visitors, who just gets confused with so many places […]


Best Feeling of Experiences of Recreation, Vacation, Research & Studies, Tourism

Travel simply means the movement of people in various areas may be national, international, local or regional. There are different purposes of travelling which may include tourism, recreation, for researches or studies, vacations, volunteer travelling for charity, business travel, religious travels, migration from one place to other, for health treatments […]