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If you are a business owner and want to hire a person of integrity and high moral standard having good leadership skills for the senior level management then you cannot just advertise and select one most all the interviewers, you need to hire a recruitment agency or executive search firms. These kinds of firms make your job easy. These days you can’t judge the person upon their qualification and experience. With the increase in the number of colleges, the number of unskilled graduates has also increased. You cannot recognize easily who is the best and who is worst. Who can be the perfect candidate, if you do not have a good HR department which generally most of the organisations do not and if they are good at hiring a low level executive? I do not doubt anyone’s capability; it is just that the kind of recruiters executive search firms have actually know who will be the best employee for that post. They exactly know the required skills, knowledge, experience and qualification is needed for which post.

These search firms help in many firms; they help you in many ways: attracting, interviewing, selecting and hiring of lower to senior level employees. Read here for knowing more benefits of hiring executive search firms.

Not only big but every kind of organizations can be benefited by hiring a recruitment agency for hiring all level executives. If you are hiring a search firm then you don’t have to worry, you can just concentrate on our core activities.


Let’s understand the way how we can hire an executive search firm for to speed up our hiring process. Hiring a search firm is not a big but thing rather hiring a foreign who understands and know your business should be on top of checklist sheet.

  • Selecting the right firm: – Before selecting a firm you need to check the background of that firm, you need to recognize the firms with whom you are dealing. There can be numerous criterion for selecting a firm, for instance, knowledge of the sector in which you are working in, personal references and the place where they are located. It is advisable to select a firm that understand your business and the position you are seeking to fill. There are firms in the market who have specialization in hiring certain kind of employees, such as some firms specialize in placing CEOs and CMOs while some have experience in hiring CFOs or KMPs. Make a checklist of question that you want to ask from the search form and while searching out one do not forget to check that list. You can prepare one as per your requirements. One of the most questioned questions is, “What are relevant searches they conduct for hiring employees for the same position”.
  • Check the references: – After finalizing a few firms, check the references. In order to follow this process, communicate with the corporate clients to know the quality of candidates the search firm’s has selected for their companies, ask them about the integrity, competency, leadership skills, timely feedback and representations abilities of that recruited personnel.
  • Discern efficiency metrics: – There are numerous metrics used by recruitment firms for benchmarking purpose. Here is a list of recruiting metrics that are widely used :-
  • Days to fill a position
  • Diversity Ratio
  • Average Salary
  • Retention percentage
  • Offer to close efficiency ratio
  • Interview to offer efficiency ratio
  • Days to first submitter

By: Malvika Agrawal

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