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How to overcome job search challenges after graduation?


For a good number of students joining different schools around the world, the belief that education is the key to success is fast fading. This is largely attributed to the fact that the job market has increasingly become competitive as joblessness continues to be a thorn in the flesh, thanks to thousands of students graduating every year. For some, joining the military or  free essay writers from Eduzaurus has become a new career path.

The question is; what are other options of surviving or rather earning a living? While most learners are taught that there are jobs after graduation and also how to go about finding one, it should equally be noted that being a perennial job seeker due to layoffs is not any closer to desirable. You would want to ascertain your job security before signing a contract. But again, economic down times would mean some cutbacks on employee salaries have to take place, and it is largely unpredictable, most of the times; where the ax would fall.

As you roll out your plans after high school, which could get some summer job or enroll for a course in a college, one thing is for sure. You will soon come face to face with the biting reality of job search. Most students give up, and it is because they do not understand how to solve situations like these. The United Bureau of Statics, for instance, puts employment rate of college grads at 2.5% and that of high school dropouts at 7.7%.  Thus, would you rather opt for a low-paying full-time job or there is a way out? Well, Save The Student is a U.K based organization that has seen many students overcome hurdles such as the inability to pay ever-rising college/University fees.

Since it was founded in the year 2007 by former and current students, the organization has also provided technical advice to new entrants into the job market. This includes how to conduct the search for jobs for international students after graduation.

At a personal level though, it is important to be well equipped with a few skills here and there so that once you are out of school, you are able to guard against challenges that could render you jobless in places like Georgia, New Jersey and among others.  Therefore, here are some tips tailored for teens leaving school who do not want to face a possibility of joblessness?

Work on your profile for online applications

In this age of the internet, you have to be tech-savvy when searching for jobs. Most companies prefer to hire via the web; either through real-time online interviews or through employment agencies. Companies will, first of all, run your name online to find out how you present yourself on social media and professional networks like LinkedIn. Here is how to fine-tune your online profile and increase your chances of employability.

 Uploading your CV to job websites

Well, while LinkedIn is fundamentally important as one place that will never disappoint when it comes to this, there is a host of other places where you can upload your resume. Employers will always visit these sites to find out who is fit for a vacancy and you could be the lucky one.

Find good recruitment agencies

 Most graduates who are troubled by unemployment do not want anything to with recruitment agencies given the many scam stories surrounding them. However, it is important also to take note that there are professional agencies which will never rip you off. Thus, whether it is a domestic or an international agency you are looking for, nothing comes for free as they usually charge some fee. The aim here is to take your time searching for the best one out there that is worth your penny.

Finally, the job search isn’t an event. It is a process, and it means you really must plan for it in advance. By taking into account tips explored in this post, you should be able to establish a way around challenges that many graduates and high school dropouts face. From making the most out of recruitment agencies, uploading your resume online to ensuring your online presence betrays no signs of employable and among others, the ball is in your court, hence find out how to overcome the problem of graduates not getting jobs.

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