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How to Increase Traffic to Your Website Using Social Media Promotion?

Social media is one of the major driving forces for online businesses today. It helps businesses to grow and develop organically, by helping them to reach out to new followers and new clients all over the world. You can use social media to increase internet traffic to your business website thereby not only boosting potential sales but also earning revenues from Google through advertising. In this article, you shall learn about various social engagement tactics to increase your page likes, comments to your posts, and shares which will go on to generate more traffic to your business website.


Instagram – Boost your Engagement and your Conversions

Instagram users like to follow their favorite brands on the social media platform quite actively. Instagram is the ideal app for conveying your brand’s message to your audience through visual content. However, besides posting images, you have to use engagement strategies to make your audience grow and follow you. Include a call to Action button in your Instaposts, you need to ask people to check your products out directly and how they can purchase your product. It will work quite well on Instagram’ssocial platform.

Use hashtags to get more engagements, which will help you feature your posts on the top. Include a View More option, do not put all the details in your post, give the link to direct your readers to your website also as this will boost traffic.


Facebook is the best platform for building stable relationships with customers. Small businesses use Facebook to great advantage and even outperform the more famous more prominent brands with their personalized social media approaches. In your Facebook posts, remember to keep a balance between putting up engaging posts and posts where you will simply give information about your products. Engagement posts like posts about asking for opinions, or asking for users to share photos are interactive in nature.

These will help to build you an audience. Also, remember to incorporate humor into your posts. Be responsive to your audience’s posts and comments. All these will help you to get more shares and likes in the long run, and always direct your audiences to your website’s link, this will undoubtedly increase traffic to your site.


Twitter can also be efficiently used to drive traffic to your site and thus increase leads and sales. Engage with users, and you can Like or reply to or even re-tweet the contents of your users and even follow them initially. Also, re-tweet other’s contents from your industry and keep your tweets brief. Post your link and View More to direct your followers to your page. You can visit Gramista to know how to increase followers for your Instagram account.

It is essential that you use social media to boost traffic to your business website. Hopefully, the tips mentioned in this article will help you.

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Damian Williams is an experienced Digital Marketing Strategist who writes for various blogs about social media marketing strategies. He recommends you to visit Gramista to learn how to get more followers on Instagram and boost your business.

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