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5 Big Changes Coming to Social Media in 2016

What does the year 2016 hold for the users of social media platforms? Will there be new and advanced technologies that will completely transform the way we interact with social media? Are there any options available that will help us to realize even more vivid and real time life experiences? Let us get into the brief of 5 big transformations that will change the way we use social media.

  1. Entry of Virtual Reality

You might be aware of the concept of Virtual Reality that has taken the world by storm. With this advanced technology, you will be able to share your entire adventurous and thrilling experiences with your friends online. Can you imagine the feel of the entire process? Well, thanks to Facebook as it has already started making use of Oculus technology into its 360 videos, allowing the users to enjoy scenes from different angles. This definitely creates a more engaging experience. Have you tried it yet? It is available on the web as well smart devices.

The VR headsets as predicted has been rolling out in the market and thus has opened up even more engaging News Feed. The Oculus Social Alpha app has been released that allows you to watch real time videos with others and will provide you with an experience of a theatre. This new technology will totally change the way we interact now.


  1. E-commerce functionality in social media channels

2016 has been definitely witnessing a change in the functionality of the social media channels. It has become a platform where users can buy products and goods directly. This has been made possible with the aid of the Buy buttons that have been introduced by a majority of the social media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook. Thus, it means that you don’t have to leave the social media while you are shopping online.

  1. Facebook live streaming

2015 began with a lot of excitement about the real time streaming apps that will enable the users to showcase the live video broadcasting to their friends and followers. It has taken place in 2016 and the whole concept of live streaming has achieved new heights. You need to wait till Facebook starts rolling out its mobile real time streaming functionality, Facebook Live to the mainstream audience. This will definitely change the way we interact using Facebook.

  1. Social media has become a requirement in office work

With the introduction of workplace social media forums like Facebook at Work and Slack, using the social media platforms have become a mandatory requirement in the office, which was once considered as a distraction. The business ventures are using the social media not only for advertising and marketing purposes but for reaching out to the customers and making the internal communications of the organizations more efficient, in the days to come.

  1. Better customer care service

Customer care service via social media is an excellent idea as the queries of the customers can be answered immediately. But this functionality was handled in an open forum and the response time was also not satisfactory. The shortcomings have been noted by the experts and the reason for which all the major social platforms have engaged in making the customer care service a better functionality. Twitter, for instance, introduced the Direct Messages Feature and also lifted the 140-character limit for it. Similarly, Facebook Messenger Business allows the businesses to have real time conversations with the customers.

The above mentioned aspects are the 5 big changes that will definitely transform the way we have been using the social platforms till now. So, wait and see what this year has in store for you with respect to social media!

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